July 29, 2021
Effects Of Dry Fruits In Pregnancy dry fruits

Effects Of Dry Fruits In Pregnancy

Effects Of  Dry Fruits In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important time in every women’s life. It is important to focus on healthy eating. A well balanced diet is essential to get the nutrients required for you and your baby.

Dry fruits are the one of the best foods to include in the diet. But When eaten in excess quantity they may have the risk of developing various health issues.

The excess intake of dry fruits during pregnancy may cause gas, bloating and diarrhoea.

As we know dry fruits are rich in calories and fat, they may make you to gain excess weight

Dry contain natural sugars like fructose, which may cause tooth decay if not cleaned your teeth well.

Raisins have high glycemic index, which bring about a surge in energy when blood sugar soars and then lead to a sugar crash and fatigue just as quickly.

During pregnancy there are possibilities of allergic reactions especially to dried nuts cannot be ruled out.

Dry fruits and nuts may contain added preservatives like sulphur dioxide, which can lead to allergic reactions or respiratory issues.

Some dry fruits have toxins known as acrylamide and carcinogen which have adverse effects on the nervous system and fertility. So choose organic and sun dried fruits.

So, eat dry fruits moderately and always choose the organic dry fruits.