July 27, 2021
Essential Vitamins and Minerals For Women vitamins & minerals for women

Essential Vitamins and Minerals For Women

Essential Vitamins and Minerals For Women

Vitamins and minerals are very essential components, which perform many functions in our body and aids in complementing the body cell function. Each vitamin sources provide specific nutritional components.

Our body needs the vitamins and minerals and fortunately they are found in almost all the foods we eat. To get enough nutrients in the food we eat is to eat enough both for calories and vitamins and minerals and to make healthy choices of snacks and meals.

If you are facing deficiency of vitamins and minerals you need to eat more servings than normal from each of the four food groups to get enough energy and vitamins and minerals to support your health.

Vitamins and minerals can be extracted from the foods we eat, except for vitamin D, as your body is totally unable to manufacture vitamins on its own and we get it from sunlight. If your don’t get the necessary vitamins and minerals, you can acquire them from the vitamin supplements. Vitamins and minerals for women are especially essential for women who because of their body changes need them in large and sufficient quantities.