May 6, 2021
Facial hair care tips and Styles for Men

Facial hair care tips and Styles for Men

Facial hair care tips and Styles for Men

Facial hair is a natural phenomenon for men, having a clean-shaven face never goes out of style. This is the cleanest looking style of facial hair you can have. Facial hair is what separates the men from the boys. While hair grows naturally on men’s faces, there are certain steps you must take to groom a beard and mustache so that they will grow evenly during the process. Once you’ve reached your goal, daily maintenance is required to maintain a clean appearance.

Younger men can pretty much get away with most facial hair styles but also take your facial features into account. Most young men don’t need a whole lot of facial hair so full on beards should be avoided.

Facial hair styles according to the shape of the face:

1. If men’s upper lip hair is thin, you probably can’t grow a moustache unless it’s very close to the lip line. If the hair on your cheeks is patchy, the full beard is out.

2. Man has to match the facial hair type according to their head type.

some suggestions based on the shape of your face:

Square face shape :

For square shape you need something that’s going to make your face look less boxy. So a very short beard is suggested.

Rectangle face shape :

A man with a rectangular face has to give his head a more oval-like appearance.

Round face shape :

A round face needs to have a more oval appearance with a very well groomed circle beard.

Triangle face shape :

If you have a triangular face peaks at the chin, so facial hair should give your jaw line a fuller appearance. You can do this with a slightly raggedy full beard.

Diamond face shape :

The diamond-shaped face features a prominent and pointed chin. Thick side burns, to the chin.

Regardless of what type of facial hair style you go for, it is important to take extra care of your new style. Facial hair grooming comes in two forms: Trimming and shaving.

1. Keep your beard trimmed and neat by using clippers or an electric razor because the hair on your face will become ratty with split ends if not cared for on a regular basis.

2. To give your beard the best shape possible, find a good barber and have it trimmed professionally. After your barber has professionally shaped your beard, you can maintain it easier at home.

3. A quality trimmer is key to a well groomed facial hair or breard. Choose a trimmer with an adjustable trimming guide for mistake proof trimming. Stay away from scissors

4. While scissors allow you to control your cutting in small sections, a trimmer offers uniformity scissors may not. Trimmers are especially helpful for trimming sideburns, which put your hands at an awkward angle for scissor cutting. With sideburns, the previous advice about starting with a higher setting stands doubly true because of the awkward working and visual angles created during hair removal.

5. Facial hair typically is tough and wiry, going off in wild directions if not groomed properly. Use a softening conditioner on your facial hair when you shower. Leave the conditioner on the hair while you complete your shower and then rinse it out just before you exit the shower.

6. Wash and dry your facial hair each night before you go to bed with lukewarm or cool water. Hot water can rob skin of essential lipids and lead to dry skin and flaking. Shampoo your facial hair in the shower whenever you shampoo the hair on top of your head, and use a conditioner.