August 3, 2021

Features of Java Application Programming

Features of Java Application Programming

Java Online TrainingJava programming language is useful for development of enterprise grade applications. Java language comes in light from a language named Oak. Java Application Programming is specifically designed to have the least amount of implementation bottlenecks. Java Application programming works on the principle of “write once, run anywhere” pattern. It means once your write the coding of the program, you can use it on other destination too. You don’t need to write it again and gain every time.

Features of Java Programming

1. JVM or Java Virtual Machines are needed to run these java applications which are compiled to class file format. Irrespective of the computer architecture JVM is always required to run this type of files.

2. Java has compilers in it, which conduct the basic functions whenever an application developer writes a code with syn-taxes and characters to run a particular Java Application Programming code.

3. Java technology is high-level, object-oriented, very robust programming language.

4. Java is platform independent programming language and you can run your compiled code on any operating system without recompiling your source code.

5. Java enhances the computing power of end users the form of desktop to the resource of the web that run on net.

6. Java is also for server side web programming and runs in a secured manner over Internet that runs application on Internet.

6. Java is a Multithreaded programming language which means a single program having different threads executing independently at the same time. Multiple threads execute instructions according to the program code in a process or a program. Multithreading works the similar way as multiple processes run on one computer.

7. Java is centered on creating & manipulating objects, and making the objects to work together.

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