June 12, 2021

Features of Perl programming Language

Features of Perl programming Language

Perl Scripting Online TrainingPerl programming language is very helpful to develop dynamic websites, web applications and various kinds of software. It’s also used in graphics programming, database application, system administration, network programming as well as CGI programming on the web. Perl is a general-purpose, programming language. Perl was initially developed as a Unix scripting language to make report processing easier.

Perl is a server side programming language designed to handle a variety of system administrator functions. In addition to comprehensive string handling capabilities. It is widely used to write Web server programs that interact with users on a real time basis and allow for immediate updates to user account information. It is also highly suited for report generation.

Perl is a highly capable feature-rich programming language which can be used to develop diverse ranges of software, websites as well as web applications.

Features of Perl Language:

Powerful and stability:

Perl programming language can run with more than 100 platforms and is suitable for large scale development projects.

High Quality Code

Coding paradigm of Perl programming language is considered as a low defect density and free of security defects. Thus, it provides quality code in developing any kinds of website or software.

Object Oriented

Perl programming language is based on object-oriented concepts and support both procedural and functional programming.

Database Integration

Perl supports wide range of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and many more.


It’s easily extensible as there are more than 20,000 open source modules available from the CPAN (Comprehensive Perl archive Network).

Open Source

Perl is an open source programming language under GNU General Public License.

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