May 6, 2021

Folic Acid Foods During Pregnancy

Folic Acid Foods During Pregnancy

The foods rich in folic acid or folate

During pregnancy it is very important to get enough folic acid, the synthetic form of vitamin B9, which is also known as folate.

Folic acid or folate helps in preventing neural tube defects or NTDs, which are the serious birth defects of the spinal cord and the brain, lowers the baby’s risk of cleft lip, cleft palate and certain types of heart defects. It also reduce the risk of preeclampsia – a serious blood pressure disorder that affects about 5 percent of pregnant women.

So, taking enough folic acid before and during pregnancy is very essential for you and your baby’s health. Here are some of the folic acid rich foods

Broccoli is the healthiest vegetable and is the best food rich in folic acid. 1 cup of cooked or baked broccoli contains about 84 mcg of folic acid.

All kind of Beans provides plenty of folic acid to support the baby’s development. The beans like Black beans, split pea, kidney beans, navy beans, soy beans and cooked lentils are good sources of folic acid.

Banana is the fruit with high amount of folic acid. 1 cup of banana provides you with the 45 mcg of folic acid and 6% of daily recommended value.

Citrus fruits
Citrus fruits like oranges, strawberries and grapefruit are rich in folate or folic acid. 1 cup of oranges 54 mcg of folate, 1 cup strawberries provide 36.5 mcg of folate and 1 cup of grapefruit provides 29.9 mcg of folate or folic acid.

Acocados is known as the green goddess, which is rich in healthy fats and also folic acid. i cup of avocado provides you with 122 mcg of folate or folic acid.

Dark Greens
Dark Greens like spinach and kale are best sources of folic acid. 1 cup of spinach contain about 58.2 mcg of folic acid and 1 cup of kale has 19 mcg of folic acid.

Okra has numerous health benefits and it is also an excellent source of folic acid. 1 cup of okra contain about 88 mcg of folic acid.

Asparagus is the nutrient dense vegetable, which is low in calories and high in folic acid content. 1 cup of asparagus contain about 70 mcg of folic acid.

Nuts like hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and peanuts are the delicious sources of folate. 1/2 cup of hazelnuts provide 65 mcg of folate, walnuts provide 49 mcg of folate, almonds provide 31 mcg of folate and peanuts provide 17.5 mcg of folate or folic acid.

Seeds like flax seeds and sunflower seeds are the excellent sources of folic acid. 1 cup of flaxseeds provides you with 146 mcg of folic acid and 1 cup of sunflower seeds provide about 104 mcg of folic acid.

Liver contains high amounts of folic acid. Include beef liver or chicken liver or turkey liver in your diet. 100 gms of beef liver contain 215 mcg of folic acid, 100 gms of turkey liver contain 691 mcg and 100 gms of chicken provides about 590 mcg of folic acid

Eggs are very nutrient rich and low calorie food and they are also rich in folic acid. Each egg contains about 24 mcg of folate or folic acid.

So, try to include these foods in your diet during pregnancy to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby