July 23, 2021
Haircut Style Tips for Long Hair

Haircut Style Tips for Long Hair


Haircut Style Tips for Long Hair 

Long hair can be thick and hard to manage. The changes made to long
hair often are so simple that they’re hard to notice. But just because you want to keep your lengthy locks doesn’t mean that haircut ideas for long hair have to be boring and simple. Instead, you can make subtle changes to the shape of your hair while keeping it long so you don’t lose the length you’re so famous for.



Think Ahead

Whether it’s adding a few face-framing layers or chopping it all off, consider your lifestyle and the time that you’re willing to spend on styling. Is your morning routine more get-up-and-get-out-the-door, or do you wake up with time allotted to put yourself together? Are you willing to incorporate new styling tools and products into your regimen? Make sure that you don’t want your new haircut to compete with your everyday routine.

Sit for a Consultation

“Let your stylist know what you have liked and have not liked about haircuts in the past. Elaborate on as many details as you can — for example, how much time you realistically have to spend on your hair, where you part your hair, if you have a cowlick, etc. The more information you give, the better idea your stylist will have.

Hairdressing terms

Be familiar with hairdressing terms. Fully understand what they mean. For example, ‘graduation’ and ‘layering’ sound like they could be synonymous, but they actually have opposite meanings. Graduation creates a cut that is heavier and longer on top by building weight in the hair through cutting layers underneath. Layering makes the hair lighter and gives it volume and lift through internal layers.”

Be Realistic

If you are bringing in pictures, make sure that your tress-piration looks like she has a hair type similar to yours.

Trust Your Stylist :

A good stylist will take into account your face shape, complexion, and features, and then create a look that best suits you, Listen to your stylist’s suggestions and trust his or her expertise. Your stylist will give you more face-framing shape and a better, easier-to-manage style so it looks as though you made a drastic change when you really didn’t.


Know the Tools

Razors have the potential to be damaging. Clients who have curly or coarse hair should stay away from a razor. “This technique tends to shred the hair follicle. So have cut only with scissors. Have your stylist show you what products or tools to use and how to apply/use them to complete your look.

Pay Attention

Talking while haircut can be distracting for both you and your stylist. But If you feel uncomfortable any time during the cut, always speak up. Since your stylist wants you to be completely satisfied.

Get Thinned

If your locks are ultra-thick and you need to thin them out, ask your stylist to hold the scissors vertically while cutting the layers to take away the bulk. This type of haircut lets you keep your length while taking away the heaviness. Another option is a pair of thinning shears — the teeth are spaced out so that they cut every fourth hair or so.

Opt for Bangs:

One of the best haircut ideas for long hair is to go for bangs instead of a new style. Whether you go for dramatic blunt bangs or a romantic, side-swept look, changing up your bangs makes it look as though you’ve had a complete hairstyle overhaul without changing too much of your length or style.

Whenever you get a cut where your mane is completely off your shoulders, have your stylist clean up hairs on your neck with an electric razor. This will sharpen up the lines and give the look a fresh finish.