July 29, 2021
Health Tips For Women Over 30 women

Health Tips For Women Over 30

Health Tips For Women Over 30

Some women neglect their health. This may due to many reasons like not finding time or the responsibilities of the family.

Women today are more aware of their health, and the women above the age of 30, a healthy living habit is necessary to ensure that there are no health issues later in life.

em>Health Precautions

Women over 30 should take some health precautions to avoid unwanted pregnancies, vaginal infections, hormonal imbalances, obesity. They must also keep a check on new growth in part of the body and blood sugar levels.

Diet Precautions

Diet precautions are also very important in women over 30. A proper diet rich in proteins, calcium, vitamin D and iron is very essential. You include essential supplement like vitamins, calcium, Isoflavons, and iron supplements.

Regular Check ups

Apart from a healthy lifestyle, it is also imperative to go for regular medical check-ups. The regular check-ups should be done once in a year. You may fix one date in the year and go for medical check-ups on that day.

Don’t Ignore

Don’t ignore the symptoms like irregular bleeding, painful menstruation, distension of abdomen, excessive thirst, frequent urination, sudden weight loss or weight gain and throbbing headache. If you see any of these symptoms, immediately consult your doctor.


Doctor’s recommend Mammography, is quite important for women over 30, as it helps in arly detection and diagnosis of breast diseases in women. She also emphasized on the importance of regular Pap Smear Test as you cross 40