June 16, 2021
How to Analyze your SEO Competitors

How to Analyze your SEO Competitors

How to Analyze your SEO Competitors

1. First find out who our SEO competitors are:

By finding the exact SEO competitor you can analyze your competitors who they are. If you have an offline business, checking your competitors can be simply easy by visiting their websites and you are all done.

Identifying your competitors can’t be easy by the sites that rank well for your major keywords. You should know the keywords that relates to your site’s niche. Choose a bunch of long tailed keywords. Long tailed keyword is what really counts when you want to convert your visitors in to customers.

Go to Google, do a research for your targeted keywords and make a list for the sites and companies that rank high in search results and consider them to be your main targeted competitors.

2. General Background Information:

By analyzing the general background information of the site like site age, where it is hosted, where the domain is registered, how many dropout the domain had in the past and similar details which you can find your SEO competitor easily.

3. Make a visit to Competitors s ites and analyze them:

When you are done from making a list of the competitors, visit their websites and analyze them. Watching their design, reading well the conten. Check if they use static or dynamic URLS.

4. Analyze SEO Competitors Site Pagerank and Alexa Rank:

Checking the pagerank of your SEO competitors can give you a idea on how much quality backlinks does the site really posses. Sites with PR3 and above should really point to the fact that it really posses some decent quality and relevant inbound links. Look for indexed pages in search engines of your competitors.

Alexa ranking is not a real accurate tool to measure a site’s performance but it proves to be more or less accurate with sites having alexa ranking of less than 100,000. Good quality and traffic driving sites most of the times posses good rankings. Check the number of indexed pages it has with Google and this can be easily done by searching with site.

5. Analyze the SEO competitors keywords used:

Keywords are the most important part of every SEO success.  If your competitors are using keywords properly their site will rank well in search engines.

If you don’t know which keywords your competitors use try checking if they are already using yours. You can use the keyword Suggestion Tool to see which keywords are better for their site, and also you might find many useful keywords and also you can start optimizing your site for them. Also check the keyword density of your competitors keywords. You can use the Keyword density tool.

6. Analyze the Backlinks of SEO competitors:

Backlinks have a major role for good SEO rankings.Look for their number and origin, anchor text. there are number of tools available online to check to back links.SEO Elite, this tool is really simple to use and gives complete analysis of the sites that are pointing to the destination url.

If you see any backlinks from popular websites you never heard of try to contact the webmaster of these popular sites maybe you can get also backlinks from them.

7. Evaluate your SEO competitors site presence on social media:

As Social media like Twitter and Face-Book plays a crucial role in driving traffic to a website. You can do some research on these sites to see if your competitors have profiles. And this will give you an idea of what they do on Twitter and on Face-Book.

8. Analyze how your competitors are using PPC Ads:

Using PPC is cheaper and more efficient than optimizing to rank well in natural search results. Google Adwords is the best choice. Set up google alert for your competitive websites into your gmail. So as soon as they do any promotional work which is cached by google, you will be notified what exactly they have did.

9. How Well Is The Site Designed

Apart from off-page factors you also need to give some attention to how well the site is designed and other on-page factors like loading speed, internal linking etc. On page factors really proved to make a lot of difference in the way site ranks on Google.

10. Check whether Your Competitor Gained Google Trust Rank:

One of the ways you can look for whether your competitor gained Google trust or not is by searching directly with your competitors domain url on Google. If the url has site links underneath it, then it means that the site has gained Google’s trust. If your competitor doesn’t have one it could be fairly easy to knock off your competition without much effort.