July 27, 2021

How to avoid vomitting while traveling in bus

How to avoid vomitting while traveling in bus

How to avoid vomitting while traveling in busMost of the peoples do not like traveling because of vomiting problems. Vomiting is the fast expulsion content in stomach which comes from our mouth. Sometimes it may come out from our nose also. Allergic conditions and overeating cause vomiting sensation while traveling.

Vomiting during travel makes it a forgettable event. It is usually called motion sickness. Motion sickness starts with a mild feeling of nausea while you’re traveling in a car or on a bus. Motion sickness occurs when the inner ear, the eyes, and other areas of the body that detect motion send conflicting messages to the brain.

Other reason is in rare cases people might have allergies to smoke, change in environment, or reflux to diesel fumes this may tends to cause nausea or vomiting sensation.

1. Eat less before going to travel. Avoid eating while traveling and do not eat liquid foods before traveling.

2. Smelling a freshly cut lemon is a proven remedy from vomiting while traveling. You can also carry a bottle of lemonade and sip it gradually. You can try orange as well.

3. Avoid overeating, eating junk food before travelling. Have food 2 hours before the travel, thus giving enough time for digestion.

4. Prefer traveling in a medium which is less jerky. Prefer trains than bus journey.

5. Ginger and honey are good alternate medicines to control vomiting. You can have ginger tea with honey if available. Take a piece of ginger from home and chew it while travelling. Ginger candy also helps.

6. Have some fennel seeds(saunf) in your mouth while traveling. the juice of fennel seeds help preventing of vomit

7. Sometimes, travel sickness may happen when you are using a particular mode of transport for the first time. Whenever possible choose modes of transport that you feel more friendly with. However, by using the same mode again and again, the body may get used to it and then the journey can become perfectly comfortable and normal.

8. Be positive and forget that u have travel sickness, overcome it by saying nothing will happen You should take control of problem.