May 11, 2021
How to become a .NET Developer

How to become a .NET Developer

How to become a .NET Developer

.NET is technically the best platform on which to develop scalable, high performance, reliable web applications. In order to make the most of it, you need to have a good feel for what approaches you can import and learn from other platforms.

Learning a software development language is a real-world exercise because programming is learnt by doing. That’s why computer programmer job interviews are designed to test practical programming skills or abilities.

The demand for Microsoft .NET computer programming skills is high because there are more Microsoft .NET (ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET) software developer job postings than there are competent or skilled Microsoft .NET computer programmers. It is very comprehensive and written for people who have never done any programming. It takes you step by step, teaching you first the basics, then the more complex tasks, as well as some best practices.

. NET is an awesome framework. Very strong and there are tons of libraries that allow you to do some amazing things. Once you learn it, you’ll be able to do much.

Learning. NET Development

1. NET Development Tools comes with The Integrated Development Environment or IDE used. NET Development is a Microsoft Visual Studio. The latest version is Visual Studio 2008.

2. While. NET applications can use many different data types such as Oracle, Access or MySQL, the most commonly used is Microsoft SQL Server. The latest version is SQL Server 2008.

3. Control Unit is a must for any serious developer who wants to put off, bug free applications. Microsoft offers tool to control the unit, MSTest, but only in some versions of Visual Studio. NUnit is the. NET version of the JUnit Java, an open source unit test framework.

4. Developing a website can be a hassle. There are chords online for information, configuration files to change. Nant makes these things easier by automating these various changes. Like NUnit, or a. NET version of Java Ant.

5. Cruise Control.NET helps with this through automated Continuous Integration server’s. Cruise Control.NET, you guessed it. NET version of Cruise Control for Java, is amazing. Works in conjunction with Nant to run anything from your unit tests every time you add new code to your e-mail if someone checks in bad code breaks the build.

6. NHiberante acts as a layer between the application and your persistence database. For those of you who hate writing long complicated SQL statements like me, NHibernate is perfect. It allows you to write the usually tedious select statements or very complex join statements in a part of the team. LINQ Micrsoft can also be used in the same way. It seems, however, believe that it needs time to mature and develop before it is at the level of NHibernate.

7. Mono offers an alternative to IIS for those not using Windows.

8. Familiarize yourself with messaging architectures and try NServiceBus, Mass Transit or Rhino Queues; then learn about alternative to MSMQ – AMQP and RabbitMQ.

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