June 12, 2021
How to Optimize Facebook page for SEO

How to Optimize Facebook page for SEO

How to Optimize Facebook page for SEO

Social networking and media sites is now enhancing countless marketer’s online activity. Facebook has recently created many new opportunities for Pages to get more traffic through search engine optimization (SEO). Facebook Pages are increasingly becoming a second home page for businesses online.

There are several important aspects to put into consideration when building a new facebook page for a business such as News Feed, invitations, and messages. By applying important SEO tactics within your facebook page can help your page reach more and more facebook fans those who are directly connected to you.

Facebook is making a serious attempt to compete with the primary search engines in becoming the visitors’ place of choice for finding the content they need and Search engine optimization exposes your Facebook Page to Facebook’s entire userbase. As a user be aware of how Facebook search privacy settings function.

1. Make sure you add new status updates and media regularly, since anything over 30 days old disappears from member news feeds and becomes irrelevant in page promotion. You must develop a disciplined routine for constantly keeping your page fresh, and giving members a reason to visit and like your content.

2. Search engines continue to encompass users profiles as well as groups, pages and applications. Choose this text carefully with relevant content posted as keywords will be picked up for ranking.

3. Choosing the right name for your Facebook Page title with high value of generic keywords. If your page’s title appears too spammy, fans will be less likely to share it with their friends on their profile and more likely to hide your updates from their News Feed.

4. Seek advice from other tools Facebook gives us regarding users common social graphs.

5. Facebook allowed users to customize their URL for a personalized Facebook username which presents a better opportunity for businesses to consider incorporating generic keywords for SEO purposes than the Page name itself. When you choose a Facebook username for your Page, your Page’s URL becomes www.facebook.com/YourUsername. So choose a username that authentically represents your business or brand. So pick a username you’re going to be comfortable with and confident in for the long term.

6. Facebook requires that your Page have at least 100 fans before it becomes eligible to select a username. If your Page has less than 100 fans, you’ll need to recruit more fans before being able to take advantage of this important SEO strategy.

7. In addition to wall posts, participate in updating status feeds, notes, and links.  Notes are often in the form of small blog posts and links can include your youtube videos, affiliate offers or press releases.  These areas are simple and fast to update.

8. Facebook creates an Info tab for every Facebook Page to include keywords, prose, and links that will increase the content score of your Facebook Page for many types of Google searches.

9.  Facebook allows Page owners to create additional boxes or tabs that can hold any kind of static content, including text, images, and links. Adding content boxes or tabs to your Page can be a great way to boost the content density score of your Page.

10. Facebook ads are often cheaper and more effective than search engine PPC equivalents, and can help bring demographically-targeted fans to your page. This is singly one of the best ways to develop page growth – and don’t forget that once someone clicks your ad, they’ve effectively added your page to their news stream for a long time.