July 30, 2021

How to start a career as SAP Consultant

How to start a career as SAP Consultant

SAP Online TrainingToday SAP is the most popular and highly respected business software in the world which is rapidly growing with an increasing demand for SAP trained professionals providing plenty of opportunities with SAP highest paid SAP jobs in the industry.

SAP consultants obtain important positions in companies nowadays is because they help making the most valuable and well-planned decisions. To become an SAP consultant in today’s market, you almost always need to have SAP implementation experience.

The SAP business is wide and offers a wide variety for people who are interested. The amount of opportunities for SAP professionals are unlimited providing beginners with a great chance for personal changes and development. The requirement to start a career as SAP consultant need to have certain amount of ambition and enthusiasm.

SAP Training is required for both by SAP users and SAP IT professionals. To be successful with SAP, you have to be equipped with SAP functional knowledge, basic computing skills and accounting skills. In fact, many accountants make a successful transition from accounting to SAP consulting. SAP Training is an opportunity to proactively move your IT career into overdrive and increase your earning capacity.

The bottom line to becoming an SAP consultant are:

1. Obtain hands-on SAP implementation experience, preferably on multiple projects.

2. Gain experience with SAP implementation methodologies and solving customer problems.

3. Bring together SAP implementation and enterprise consulting skills into one skill set.

Some of the other fields that SAP consultants work are in education, pharmaceuticals, mining, transport and postal services.

To start a career as SAP consultant the most common way is SAP consultant has to have knowledge and experience in the field of accountancy or Administration. Since accountants are highly trained, have good business and computer skills and already have worked with financial software so the transition is easy.

Another way in to SAP consulting is from business analysis or programming careers. These people tend to specialize in the technical aspects of one or more SAP modules including ABAP programming. They enjoy configuring and programming the screens and reports of SAP to customize the system to the client’s requirements.

One more way to start a career as SAP consulting is from the human resources career pathway. As the HR module is one of the most widely implemented SAP modules there are plenty of career opportunities for people with human resources skills to specialize in SAP HR consulting.

If you have knowledge and experience with employee establishment, organizational management, recruitment, performance appraisal, remuneration and payroll you may well have the right skill set to transition to a SAP HR consultant.

Another significant way to start a career as SAP consultant is from the software training and help desk career pathway. The key business users, with the help of SAP consultants, develop user manuals to train the system users to use SAP to perform their daily job functions.

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