August 3, 2021

Importance of testing tool for different types of tests

Importance of testing tool for different types of tests

Testing Tools Online TrainingThe use of software testing tools can dramatically simplify testing, increase the defect find rate and ultimately achieve a higher release quality. A testing tool is needed to ensure that your system or your application is in a good condition. Testing tools are often helpful for those who wish to automate tests on he applications that they are developing.

A testing tool can also be used by the users. There are a wide variety of software test tools that address many aspects of the testing process; they can be applied to different types of software, different programming languages, and address different types of testing. The scope and quality of such tools vary widely and provide varying degrees of assistance.

Types of Software Testing Tools can be categorized by the testing activity or the process they are utilized.

1. There are drive testing tools for your hard drives so that you will know how fast it can write, read and access the data.

2. There are also tools for testing the CD or DVD drives

3. The optical drive tests are very useful in knowing how quick the CD or DVD can burn files or folders,

4. There are also tools that will enable you to see the health of your system as a whole. This is because it can give you the current health of your hard drive as well as outcomes about the speed tests on broadband, DSL, VoIP and many more.

5. There are web service testing tools that can help you in checking the efficiency of your site when developing a website to verify that your site works perfectly whenever a visitor logs in and out.

6. Integration testing is generally managed by the data architect or software designer in an integration test environment which “mirrors” the intended production environment.

7. Functional testing is done to ensure that each separate function of the software works independently as well as a group.

8. Performance testing is done to ensure your software performs in the manner in which it was designed to perform.

9. Unit testing required for testing of the individual software units
to make sure they continue to operate and function as a whole and individually.

10. Compatibility and usability should also be tested before release of the software. It is important that the software be tested fully for loadability and traffic flow.

By employing these tools means the more improvements you will see with productivity increases.

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