June 12, 2021
Linking Strategy for SEO Article Writing

Linking Strategy for SEO Article Writing

Linking Strategy for SEO Article Writing

Linking strategy for your SEO articles is very important, to accumulate the number of links pointing to your site. There are various linking strategies employed, depending where the article is posted and what your desired call to action is. What’s most important is that the article is written with quality and value in mind. After you’ve done that, look through the article and see how you can link to your advantage.

Whether you’re writing articles for website content or for syndicated articles, a Linking Strategy is a good idea. There are three types of links you should consider adding…

SEO Link:

SEO link accumulate the number of links pointing to your site. Beyond your primary keyword phrase, consider using another phrase you’re trying to rank for and link within your article to a relevant article.

Authority Link:

When you point to a URL that’s considered an authority on the topic, you’re doing two things:

1. You’re giving your reader some place where they can get more info about the topic at hand. This isn’t typically a competitor’s website. It might be something like Wikipedia or a .edu site. Look for a site that’s relevant, helpful, and consider checking the pagerank as well. If it’s higher than the pagerank of the site you’re posting the article on, great. If it’s a site with “dofollow”, even better!

2. You’re pointing to a site that’s highly relevant to the topic at hand. This tells search engines what your site is about.

Self Serving Link:

The self serving link and SEO link are one in the same that depends on the layout and comprehensiveness of your article. A self serving link can often be a call to action link such as, “to learn more visit keyword phrase”.

To create an effective linking strategy that will get you traffic, you will have to start with a clear target page or article that you want to point all your most visible links to. Your choice will depend on a lot of factors. For instance if your site is still very new and has not received any Google PR yet, then it may be a much better strategy to create a detailed article in a leading article directory or at some social networking site and then point most of your SEO article links to it.

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