May 6, 2021
List of High Cholesterol Foods cholesterol

List of High Cholesterol Foods

List of High Cholesterol Foods

High cholesterol is a major condition that causes risk factor for heart diseases.

Eating too much of saturated fat increase the cholesterol levels. With a change in your diet you can lower the cholesterol levels. If you are having high cholesterol level then avoid the following foods that increase your cholesterol.

Red Meats
Red meat increases the cholesterol level as it has more cholesterol and saturated fat compared to other meats. So avoid red meat as it can lead to heart disease.

Shellfish like lobsters and prawns have high amounts of cholesterol and is always cooked in butter. Avoid shellfish if suffering from heart disease should avoid them.

Eggs are high in cholesterol contents. So the people suffering with high cholesterol limit the eggs instead of avoiding as eggs are the part of a healthy diet.

Fried Chicken

Though chicken is the low fat meat, chicken with skin or fried chicken has more saturated fat than the hamburger. Skin less and baked chicken are the best option.

We consume butter in everyday foods like popcorn, toast, mashed potatoes, pancakes,etc,. But if you have high cholesterol avoid butter to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Ice creams
Ice creams has to be avoided if suffering with high cholesterol. ICe creams contain full fat milk, cream, sugar and sometimes low quality vegetable oils which can raise LDL levels.

Hamburgers contain excess amounts of cholesterol. Cheese burgers or ham burgers contain more saturated fat than the maximum amount of suggested per day.

Macaroni or Cheese
Macaroni or pasta and cheese contain fat milk, cheese and butter – loaded with saturated fats. So this is considered as cholesterol raising food.

Snacks like french fries, cookies, cakes, onion rings and crackers are also high in cholesterol. These snacks contain the hydrogenated vegetable oils and have high trans fat.

Coconut oil and Coconut Cream
Coconut oil contains saturated fats in the form of lauric acid which may increase the cholesterol levels. So avoid or limit coconut oil or coconut cream consumption.

Apart from these foods you have to avoid many other foods which are made from the list above can also increase cholesterol.