June 12, 2021
Liver Disease Symptoms and effects on your Life Style

Liver Disease Symptoms and effects on your Life Style

Liver Disease Symptoms and effects on your Life Style

The present lifestyle of some people can lead to numerous disorders but the solution for it lies with them itself. These problems arise due to viral infections which are termed as Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E. Other causes are chronic alcoholism, obesity, which is increasing at an alarming rate and diabetes. Commonly called the metabolic syndrome, a person having high blood pressure, is overweight and has diabetes can be susceptible. Medications, especially over-the-counter drugs not prescribed by the physician, herbal medications can also lead a person into being affected by chronic or acute liver disease.

What are the liver diseases on the rise these days?

Both acute and chronic liver disorders are on the rise these days. There is acute hepatitis disease that can be caused because of any of the above mentioned reasons or even immune disorders. In chronic disease you have the fatty liver which is caused mainly by diabetes and obesity. Acute disease can become chronic in some cases when a person is infected with Hepatitis B or C.

What is the age group of the patients that can be affected?

The problems predominantly occur in adults and can also involve paediatric cases as well. In some cases the liver diseases can be inherited as well. In adults the disease is acquired. People mostly above 40 come in with problems arising out of diabetes and alcoholism. Any person who drinks more than 2gms of alcohol for weeks consistently or even people with a body mass index above 30 are at risk. Left untreated, almost any type of liver disease can lead to cirrhosis.

How can we identify liver disease symptoms?

In Acute liver diseases it depends on the underlying causes for example jaundice, vomiting, sto-mach pain, joint pain and skin rashes are some of the symptoms that can tell more about the di-sease. However, with Chronic diseases it’s almost no symptoms other than tiredness,the liver may become hard and one may even vomit blood. Depends on the stages as well. But is always good to be sure and not be guided by symptoms alone.

How do we work towards a healthy liver?

The most essential tips are avoiding putting on excess weight, keeping one’s blood pressure in control, if alcoholic then either quit or drink in extreme moderation preferably don’t drink at all and eating right. People with Acute hepatitis can be at risk from food contamination, infection from inappropriate blood transfusion. If people share toothbrushes, needles or even have sex with patients with hepatitis B or C, then they must get themselves scanned for the disease. In fact, if a person in the family is suffering from Hep C then it is recommended that the family members get themselves vaccinated as well.

What sort of conditions gives rise to the need for a liver transplant?

Commonly transplants are done for patients with hepatitis C, or al liver disease or even Hep B. Only after all other chances of treatment are exhausted does one go in for a transplant. There are certain conditions required for a person to qualify for the treatment, such as, the patient cannot have associated diseases like cancer, tumour or heart problem. A complete evaluation is done before a patient is recommended for one. It is important that people understand that getting a normal CAT scan done is not the end of their problems. It depends on the place they get their diagnosis from and also upon the person who reads the scan sometimes diagnosis is missed in scans. Expert advice is a must.