June 12, 2021
Long Hair Style tips for Women

Long Hair Style tips for Women

Long Hair Style tips for Women

Different people have different preferences when it comes to hair length. Long straight hair does not have to be boring or lack style, Long hairstyles are super trendy. Long hair never goes out of style. Long hair can be either beautiful or dull, depending on how you choose to style it. Some women equate long hair to beauty but long hair can also be unflattering when worn the wrong way.

To wear long hairstyles the right way you must do two things: determine your face shape, and find a style that fits that shape. Once you have found the right hair style, try highlights and lowlights to give your hair more appeal.

Hair Styles according to Face Shape:

* If you have an oval face, then your face shape works with virtually every hairstyle. Avoid any style that covers your perfectly proportioned face, though, and stay away from thick and heavy bangs; this adds weight to the face.

* For a round-shaped face, you want a style that takes away some of the roundness from the face. Go with long layers. Straight long hair styles work great for a round face.

* Heart-shaped faces are tricky with long hair. This face shape looks best with chin-length or shorter hair. To pull off a long hairstyle go with layers; with the shortest layer stopping around the chin. Do not have bangs or layers shorter than that because you don’t want to emphasize the upper face.

* Long, straight hair on a long face drags the face down even more. Try waves, curls, layers and wispy bangs to fill out the face some. Add volume to the top of the hair to make the face seem shorter.

* A square face works with soft bangs and waves. Go with an off-centered part to take some of the box look from the face. Try a style that adds height to the crown. Avoid long straight styles. If you have straight hair with a square face, add soft waves with a curling iron.

* For a triangle face, go with an off-centered part and layers to make the chin seem more narrow and the forehead wider. Curls works well with a triangle face. Add fullness to the temples.

* With a diamond-shaped face, you want to add width to the forehead and chin. Go with bangs and soft layered sides. Side-swept bangs and off-centered parts complement the face. Loose waves and curls help to take attention from the pointed chin.

* If you want to choose one hairstyle for long hair that is easy to maintain, for long and naturally curly hair, use those curls to give you a beautiful look instead of straightening them.

* If you’re hair is long and straight, then you can use twisted ponytails or loose French braids to add some flair rather than spend hours under the curling iron.

* If you’re in a hurry, a twisted ponytail hairstyle is a good way to handle your hair quickly without looking bland. Section your hair evenly to the left and right, bring each section up twisting the hair three to five times toward the back of the head.