July 30, 2021
Mainframe System Programmers job description

Mainframe System Programmers job description

Mainframe System Programmers job description

Mainframe Programmers perform all or part of the software development life cycle. Develop and supports applications, modifies/enhances applications to support changing business/user needs and develops software enhancements to packaged software products. The job of Mainframe Systems Programmer is categorized under the broader career of Software Developers and Systems Software.

Some mainframe systems programmers work directly for one company and work with its mainframe, while others work for services that perform work on many different companies’ computers.

To become a Mainframe system programmer one must possess a bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming or information technology along with analytical and problem-solving skills. understanding of the languages that computers use to read their directions or programs.

1. Mainframes Systems Programmers evaluate software, installs system software updates and maintains core operating system components, communications software, database management software, compilers and utility programs typically associated with mainframe systems.

2. The Mainframe system programmers also conduct low-level system maintenance, such as socket programming in a UNIX/C environment and provide technical support to various IT groups including application developers, database management teams, system security groups and network support teams.

3. They also perform hardware/software evaluations and participate in planning for system expansions. Creates and modifies utility programs and ensures systems efficiency and integrity.

4. The Mainframe system programmer is responsible for modifying existing software to correct errors, upgrade interfaces and improve performance, analyzing information to determine the installation of a new system or modification, and manipulate the data for analysis of system capabilities that are stored or retrieved.

5. They consult clients or other departments on project status, on technical issues, such as software system design or maintenance
and prepare reports for concerning project specifications.

6. The mainframe’s multiple processing activities, a mainframe computer requires programming, troubleshooting and maintenance at the systems level. This involves the development of both programming for the computer’s individual operations as well as any networking protocols that interact with other computers.

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