June 12, 2021
Makeup Tips for Teenage Girls Makeup Tips for Teenage Girls

Makeup Tips for Teenage Girls

Makeup Tips for Teenage Girls

The craze to experiment with looks specially comes with the entry in college with teenage girls. As this teenage skin is very delicate, it is often not advisable to apply extra make up. Teenage girls make up should always be soft and subtle. A nice combination of colors, poise and sweet touch up makes teenage make up attractive and charming.

Make-up should enhance your features and not make you unrecognizable. So Teenage makeup must be soft and simple which will enhance their natural features and not hide them. Too much make-up will make you look like the vamp from those daily soaps.

If you are using foundation, pressed powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, kohl, mascara, lip liner and lip gloss, daily, you are clearly applying too much make-up.

Makeup tip for teenagers is meant to let them realize that the more natural and lighter their cosmetic is, the better it is going to be for them. They should not rush into making themselves look older than their real ages.

Tips for Make Up for Teen girls:

1. Before buying make up products teenage girls must make sure you do not use any local and harsh products on your skin.

2. Remember not to be a copy cat of makeup applied by people around because as a teenage it is very important for you to develop an original style of your own.

3. Do not give yourself an overdose of make up because it will make you look more mature than you are.

4. Since you are a teenager, try to stay away from that ultra glam and sexy look as it will take a toll over your innocence which is the basic plus point of your beauty.

5. Always make sure that you do not overdress yourself and whatever you wear is in accordance with the occasion you are dressing up for.
Experiment with your footwear.

6. The foundation you are applying should cover your face evenly, if before you’re using an oil free cleaning/hydrating lotion on the whole surface of the face and down the neck. Ensure you have the right brushes for the makeup application. This would help you blend it well.

7. While opting for eyes, check with liner, shadow mascara and even false eyelashes and go with it but make a note whether you have stick with light lips covered with a light gloss. Smoky eyes have always been a great look for teenage girls and be confident whether your eyes makeup is soft and simple.

8. At teenage, girls should not use eyeliner, but if you decide to do so it is better to use colors such as green, purple, Brown, that do you not see major and very funny and original.

9. While choosing red lipsticks, use a pretty pink or neutral shaded lip gloss. You lips will really shine out enhancing your beauty.

10. Teenage girls can try different kinds of hairstyles because changes in hair do help in a complete make over.

11. If you need to define your eyebrows than go in for an eyebrow pencil that is a shade lighter than your natural shade of the brows. Use an eyebrow comb to brush it out evenly.

12. Clean your makeup brushes once you are done. Do not leave any color on them for a long period of time.