July 27, 2021
Men Grooming Tips for Body Care

Men Grooming Tips for Body Care

Men Grooming Tips for Body Care

Taking care of hair, skin, eyebrows etc. is not just for women. Men wearing the most fabulous suit in the most striking color and have not paid attention to grooming, then you loose all points and even worse the promotion, job or client.

The three most important areas that need to get right when it comes to male grooming is body hygiene, hair and shoes for which they have to do things such as:

Shower every day
Change socks and underwear everyday
Keep toes and finger nails clean and short
Always wear deodorant
If you go for after shave, please don’t wear too much. It’s over powering and just as bad as ‘natural odour’!
Look after your teeth, floss and brush regular.

1. Showering every morning, using deodorant, brushing your teeth and using mouthwash are the basics. It probably seems simple, but these are aspects of grooming that are often overlooked by men.

2. Manscaping involves waxing, shaving, and/or trimming body hair.

3. Know your skin type. If you want to look after your skin you must know it well and choose appropriate men’s grooming products. Do you have oily skin? If so you should be using a light oil free moisturizer. Sensitive skin? Try to use fragrance free products when possible.

3. A simple everyday skin care regime is essential for men to help you look and feel your best. Keep it straightforward, face scrub before shaving and moisturizing after can make all the difference.

4. Eyebrows should not be ignored. If you have bushy brows then do you best to keep them in check. Mono-brow is NOT a good look, so give it a quick shave when doing the rest of your face.

5. Water is proven to help keep your skin clear and healthy. You should drink at least 1.5 litres a day.

6. Pick a moisturizer with sun protection because sun damage is the main factor that ages skin. Vitamin E helps to revitalize your skin. Skin products that include retinol help minimize fine lines and help prevent wrinkles to a degree.

7. A bit of body smell can be a turn on, huge amounts of acid stench are a definite no-no. Wash and shower as often as necessary. Anti per spirants and deodorants help regulate odor and sweat.

8. The most important grooming tip is to get a good hair cut. Spend out; often the more expensive salons tend to keep up to date with fashion trends and products and can offer hair care that makes the most of what you have. Use a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type and makes your hair look good.

9. Hair styles often need products for the best results. Waxes, gels, sprays, mousses and volumizers can help keep hair styles to stay looking good for men.

10. Clothing. Keep it clean, smart and trendy.

11. A balanced diet containing fresh vegetables and fruit is good. It keeps you healthy and improves skin and hair. Try limiting your fast food intake. Dietary food supplements and vitamins can help when a normal healthy diet is not possible or if you become deficient in some way.

12. To have a good physic men should groom themselves with exercise. Use everyday opportunities to avoid a sedentary life. Walk rather than take the elevator. Avoid using your car for very short journeys. Joining a gym or sports club will encourage you to exercise. It can be very good for the social life too, a good way to meet new people.