June 12, 2021

Method of Software Testing Process

Method of Software Testing Process

Testing Tools Online TrainingToday, software has grown in complexity and size. The software product developed by a developer is according to the System Requirement Specification. Therefore, when an organization invests large sums in making a software product, it must ensure that the software product must be acceptable to the end users or its target audience. This is where Software Testing comes into play. Software testing is not merely finding defects or bugs in the software, it is the completely dedicated discipline of evaluating the quality of the software.

Software is a major commodity in the world and with so many different packages being developed competition is very stiff. This makes it even more important that you make sure your software is reliable, functional and secure. So rigorous testing is crucial to the implementation and maintenance of a reliable system that will create customer confidence.

With all the cracking, hacking and viruses going on in the world, especially in large businesses, it is very important that all software be properly protected from intrusions from outside.

Though the software testing process is a complex and time-consuming affair it is essential to ensure that any software you release does the job that the customer expects it to do.

To ensure that your software is properly tested before release is to make sure that it goes through the entire software testing cycle from the alpha to the beta testing stages, using verification and validation methods of testing.

There needs to be testing of the individual software units—a process called unit testing—to assure that each unit is operating correctly. When they are put together to create a larger entity, they are once again tested to make sure they continue to operate and function as a whole and individually.

when you will find a malfunction ,If a problem is encountered after the software has been already successfully tested, once the problem has been corrected be sure to run a regression test to make sure the software continues to function as it did before the correction.

When the software has been successfully tested with all the important tests, put it in the beta state where other customers can try the software out to make sure it has no issues or bugs. If it does, this is your opportunity to fix the software so it is satisfactory before final release.

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