August 5, 2021
Most common mistakes webmasters make with their websites

Most common mistakes webmasters make with their websites

Most common mistakes webmasters make with their websites


Even the most skilled and advanced webmasters make mistakes that lead to security problems. This is most often due to webmasters not giving much thought as to how even the simplest action could be valuable to a hacker, or the general denial that something bad could happen. There are many mistakes that new webmasters and old web masters make that cause them to get banned or blacklisted from search engines.

Some search engines are changing their Algorithms every month due to a few bad SEO’s who are using techniques to try and trick the search engines so that either their clients or their own WebPages position higher in search engine ranking position (SERP).  We can say with almost a certainty that if you are using illegal or worst yet outdated methods for the purpose of achieving higher positioning you will be caught and banned.

Here are some of the most common mistakes webmasters and business owners make with their websites.

A website made by an amateur web designer will yield professional results.

Your business or organization website is not the place to publish an amateur representation of your company, organization or services. You are not just presenting your business image to your local community and surrounding areas, but to the entire world. Obtaining the professional services of an experienced and knowledgeable webmaster will save you thousands of dollars in the design and development of your website and business growth goals utilizing the World Wide Web.

Cluttered Home Page

You have probably seen these sites there is so much information on the page it makes it impossible to know where to start first. Simplify the process and have a clear plan on where you want your visitor to go. Simply put, make it easy for them. Start with eliminating as many icons and buttons as possible. Keep it simple for your visitors and they will not only stick around, but they just might come back, which is a very good thing.

If you build a website, people will find you

One of the biggest mistakes today is business owners fail to recognize the high importance of Internet Marketing programs such as an ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) website marketing campaign. Your website needs to be designed and developed by a professional webmaster and needs to include a real internet marketing plan in mind from the get go.

Submitting multiple Pages with different titles

Submitting multiple versions of the exact same page or a similar page for indexing. This method is called Spam. Many web masters try to increase their page count by having similar pages and only changing the title, subject or small word changes.

Page swapping

This is where you submit a page that is positioned high and after it is indexed you upload a different page with the exact identical name and replace it. A huge mistake. SE’s don’t like it and anyone who visit’s your site from a page that has been swapped will most likely report you for spamming.

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