July 29, 2021
.NET Application Development

.NET Application Development

.NET Application Development

.NET is that revolutionary technology which allows programmers to create dynamic applications and which has been designed to connect businesses, employees, customers and partners in a single loop, through use of web services. It is said to be highly equipped to build, deploy, manage, and use connected, security-enhanced solutions with web services.

Developer can prepare highly scalable and robust websites by using ASP .Net Framework on a fly. Moreover these applications can be connected with other prevalent useful applications easily, to provide better competitive edge with other applications/product. The arrival of.NET programming has simplified and made .NET application development very extensive. The .NET framework comes bundled with a lot of advantages, which makes it widely used tool for .NET application development.

Some important features of.NET framework:

Easy deployment
No language dependency
Enhanced Security –
Base Class Library & Common Runtime Engine

Though it may seem the .NET application development got simplified with the easy to use features of the.NET framework, there are some drawbacks that one must considered. TA significant drawback is the over utilization of system resources. Also the lapse time in.NET applications is slightly greater than in the applications developed in other environments because of the garbage collection, which result in temporary suspension of memory.

Although with the shortcomings will help in understanding the scalability of the .NET framework.

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