August 3, 2021

Oracle Database Administration Tools

 Oracle Database Administration Tools

Oracle Database Administration Tools

Oracle Database administration is the function of managing and maintaining database management systems (DBMS) software. The DBMS software comes with certain tools to help DBAs manage the DBMS. Such tools are called native tools. Oracle Database administration tools for Oracle is an integrated set of “must have” tools for monitoring, tuning, diagnosing, coding, reverse-engineering, creating, editing, debugging, and reporting for Oracle databases. It helps Oracle DBAs to maximize the availability, performance and security of their databases. It helps Oracle developers to fine-tune their applications both in development and production phases.

Oracle database administration tools helps to reduce the risks associated with database vulnerability, performance bottlenecks, upgrades, patches, and more.

Some of the Oracle database administration tools are mentioned
below :

DB Monitor Expert :

This tool is the most comprehensive solution for graphical Oracle database monitoring and diagnostic. It helps Oracle DBAs and developers effectively monitor, diagnose, and plan within the Oracle database environment making total database administration and development easier. DB Monitor Expert all the tools required for powerful performance diagnostics and troubleshooting as well as it includes tons of other tools needed in everyday database administration and development,

DB Tuning Expert :

The DB Tunning Expert tool is a great for those who are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and performance of an Oracle Server. DB Tuning Expert can analyze databases in the following areas: It is a “must have” for every Oracle DBA and consultant. If you are one of them then DB Tuning Expert can help you identify quickly many database performance problems.

DB Difference Expert :

DB Difference Expert tool allows DBAs to compare, synchronize, and archive all possible Oracle database objects and parameters including various schema objects and entire schemas, user information, security attributes, database configuration. DB Difference Expert can create historical “point-in-time” object, schema or database snapshots; anticipate schema change impact and dependencies.

DB Index Expert :

This is the only tool that provides advanced analysis for Oracle database indexes. DB Index Expert is a must-have tool for every Oracle DBA and developer. It can generate and analyze tons of index and table statistics, highlight problematic areas and automatically provide tuning recommendations for both existing and missing database indexes.

DB Space Expert :

DB Space Expert tool can be used to reorganize, optimize, partition and consolidate objects within Oracle databases while the database applications remain up and running and fully available to users. DB Space Expert can be used to quickly identify objects that would benefit most from space reorganization and then reorganize them either in a real-time or schedule reorganization jobs for those objects or even entire tablespaces. DB Space Expert reduces the need for additional storage requirements and helps to avoid expensive storage upgrades.

DB Security Expert :

This DB Security Expert tool brings new dimensions into Oracle security management, transforming myriads of multi-level security settings and assignments to an easy-to-understand effective security reports. It also provides all the other tools needed to manage database users, roles, groups, profiles, and permissions. Using DB Security Expert tool, you can analyze effective access rights for any given user, table or an entire schema.

DB Consumer Expert :

DB Consumer Expert tool is a one-stop solution for managing Oracle database users, database resource quotas and resource usage and priority plans. DB Consumer Expert tool provides a large set of analytical reports for exploring database usage patterns and trends by users and applications. You can then use the available DB Consumer Expert’s resource management functions to adjust database resource quotas and priories thus ensuring that most critical business applications get what they need while other applications continue to operate with acceptable response time levels.

DB Trends Expert :

This sophisticated DB Trends Exert tool is used for automated database trend collection and analysis. Data captured by DB Trends can be used for proactive database monitoring and capacity planning. DB Trends is tightly integrated with DB Monitor Expert and DB Tuning Expert. Other components like DB Space Expert also use the collected data for predicting various database problems before they occur.

SQL Editor and Debugger :

This powerful SQL Editor allows editing files virtually of any size. The editor features SQL and PL/SQL syntax highlighting, advanced SQL and PL/SQL Intellisense, database object reverse-engineering including tables, views, procedures, functions, packages, types and triggers, and many other object types.

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