July 30, 2021

PERL Programmer Job Description

PERL Programmer Job Description

Perl Scripting Online TrainingAs PERL programming language is a high level, open source, cross platform, interpreted, general purpose programming language. Perl is used as a tool to manipulate databases, web application programming, text file manipulation, network programming, system administration, graphic programming, CGI programming and more.

Therefore, the job of PERL programmer vary according to the position and job situation since many PERL programming positions involve databases.

The candidate’s who seek career in Perl need to have bachelor degree in computer science and who can program in Java, C++ or other OO languages will have the best prospects.

Responsibilities of Perl Programmer:

1. Perl programmers are responsible for coding, testing, debugging, documenting, installing and maintaining new programs as well as training personnel to use them.

2. They maintain existing programs and develop enhancements and new functionalities.

3. The Perl programmer is also responsible for troubleshooting, diagnosing and fixing problems with any PERL programs.

4. They are responsible to implement the main development activities.

5. Perl language programmers make changes as per the fast paced environment wherein the iteration is fast and many a times on every idea.

6. Perl programmers develop the cutting edge web based services by using Perl at a very advanced level.

7. The Perl programmer applies scalable integration and automation solutions that interface through many subsystems and decrease the need for future improvement work.

8. They contribute in the selection and evaluation of latest tools, with source code administration systems and defect tracking tools.

9. Perl programmers contribute in building and designing the application improvement and maintenance surroundings for the billing system, with interfaces.

10. They work among partners at numerous sites and in diverse time zones to make sure sufficient testing is carried out on the different projects.

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