August 5, 2021

QA Testing Interview Question and Answers

QA Testing Interview Question and Answers

Testing Tools Online TrainingQA software tester plans & conducts various test processes to new developed software in order to verify that the software programs functions according to the initial requirements.

1. What is SQA Activities?

A. SQA activities – suggesting & reviewing the process documents.

2. What are the key elements for creating test plan?

A. The key elements for a test plan are:
1. Entrance Criteria:The requirement documents based on which the paln is developed.The BRD,FRD
2. Test environment
3. Test data

3. What’s server side testing?

A. It’s testing the applications and daemons that run on a server.
Server Side testing can involve testing of Servlets and Controllers.

4. What is Automated Software Quality (ASQ)?

A. The use of software tools, such as automated testing tools, to improve software quality.

5. What makes a good QA/Test Manager?

A. QA/Test Managers are familiar with the software development process; able to maintain enthusiasm of their team and promote a positive atmosphere; able to promote teamwork to increase productivity; able to promote cooperation between Software and Test/QA Engineers.

6. Benefits of Software Quality Assurance to the organization ?

A. Higher reliability will result in greater customer satisfaction: as software development is essentially a business transaction between a customer and developer, customers will naturally tend to patronize the services of the developer again if they are satisfied with the product.

7. Difference between Verification and Validation?

A. Validation is a process of evaluating software at the end of the software development process to ensure compliance with software requirements. The techniques for validation are testing, inspection and reviewing.

Verification is a process of determining whether or not the products of a given phase of the software development cycle meets the implementation steps and can be traced to the incoming objectives established during the previous phase. The techniques for verification are testing, inspection and reviewing.

8. What is the meaning of traceability matrix?

A. Tractability matrix is used to cross check the test scripts per the requirement of the test cases.

9. Describe a Gaga R&R?

A. R & R stands for reproducibility and repeatability. It is a system measurement error that determines the percentage of error, the type of error and its affection on the system.

10. Describe a bug life cycle.?

A. Bug life cycle consists of several statuses of the bug during its life cycle such as: open, deferred, rejected, solved, fixed, reopen, closed. You can talk about the process flow and how you monitor and determine each bug status.

11. What’s the role in CMM Level in Testing?

A. CMM = ‘Capability Maturity Model’, now called the CMMI (‘Capability Maturity Model Integration’)It’s a model of 5 levels of process ‘maturity’ that determine effectiveness in delivering quality software.

12. How can software QA processes be implemented without stifling productivity?

A. When you implement software QA processes without stifling productivity, you want to implement them slowly over time. You want to use consensus to reach agreement on processes, and adjust, and experiment, as an organization grows and matures.

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