June 12, 2021

SAP BO Interview tips to remember

SAP BO Interview tips to remember

1)  What is business objects?

A)  Business objects provides a set of tools for building data warehouses very efficiently. Business objects is an integrated query, reporting and analysis solution for business professionals that allow them to access the data in their corporate databases directly from their desktop and present and analyze this information in a business objects document.

 2)  What is Designer?

A)  Designer is the Business objects product that is intended to develop the universes. These universe is the semantic layer of the database structure that isolates from technical issues of the database structure.

3)  How many modes are there in BO & Designer?

A)  There are two modes are there in BO and Designer are :

      Enterprise Mode

      Workgroup Mode

4)  What are the different types of data providers supported by BO?

 A) Queries on Universe

      Stored procedure

      Free hand SQL

      Text files or Spread sheets

      VBA Procedures

      OLAP servers


5)  What are the different multidimensional analysis methods available in Business Objects?

 A)  There are two multidimensional analysis methods available in BO, they are :

       Slice and Dice

       Drill Down

6)  What are the different @ Functions?







7)  What is the difference between @Prompt and @Script?

 A)  The @Prompt function lets you create an interactive object. In the Query Panel, this type of object causes a message to appear. This message prompts the end user to enter a specific value. This function recovers the results of Visual Basic for Applications macro (VBA macro).

8)  What is a context?

A)  A context is a rule by which determines which of two paths can be chosen when more than one path is possible in the database.

9)  What are the disadvantage of using contexts?

A)  The disadvantage of using context is that you expose the business objects end user to the database structure. They are forced to decide which context they want to use to run their query. The role of the universe is to shield end users from the database structure, so they do not have to make such decisions.

10)  What is BO?

A)  BO is an excellent tool for generation of reports, carrying out detailed analysis, graphical presentation of the results and generation of alerts.

11)  What are data integration tools?

A)   Data integration tools are used to extract data from existing databases, carry out the necessary transformations and load the data into the target database using a GUI.

12)   What are the components of data integrator?

 A)   Data Integrator has four components are :

       Graphical designer : GUI to build and test ETL jobs for data cleansing, validation and auditing.

        Data integration server : to integrate data from different source databases.

        Metadata repository : to keep source and target metadata as well as transformation rules.

         Administrator : A web based tool can be used to start, stop, schedule and monitor ETL jobs. The ETL jobs can be in batch mode or real time mode.

13)   What is a Business Objects Repository?

A)   The Business Objects repository is a centralized set of relational data structures stored on a database. This relational device enables Business objects and Web intelligence users to share resources in a controlled and secured environment.

14)    What are the types of business objects repository domain?

A)     The repository is made up of three domains are:

         The security domain

         The universe domain

         The document domain

15)    What is BI platform?

A)    This platform provides a set of common services to deploy, use and manage the tools and applications. These services are security, broadcasting, collaboration, metadata and developer services.