July 27, 2021

SAP Professionals Job Description

SAP Professionals Job Description

SAP Online TrainingMostly large IT firms rely on SAP to conduct their operations. During economic downturns, companies are always looking for ways to more efficiently utilize company resources. SAP consultants are skilled in resource management and other vital fields. As a result, many companies are willing to handsomely pay these professionals for their services, even during economic downturns.

SAP software in a nutshell is composed of three main functional areas, Financials, Logistics, and Human Capital Management. Under each one of these functional areas there are several sub-modules, which record and compute the day-to-day transactions of an enterprise. The data entered in the system is immediately available to all relevant modules for reporting or for further processing.

Responsibilities of SAP professionals:

1. SAP consultant should be able to handle the administration part of sap including the installation, configuration and maintenance.

Installation includes r/3,nw,nw components.

Administration includes user admin, client admin, backup

Configuration includes Printer, RFC, STMS etc.

Maintenance includes monitoring the servers, background jobs, system performance and avoiding bottlenecks.

2. SAP basis consultant should have primarily the knowledge of network administration. Then only he can install and configure operating system perfectly to install a SAP system.

3. SAP professionals are responsible for the system up and running with better performance.

4. SAP consultant has to perform configuration work as per the blue print document.

5. Setting up organization structure of material management and relevant configuration like Purchase organization, valuation area plants, storage location, and warehouse structure etc.
6. Finalization of material groups, purchasing groups, payment terms and Pricing Procedure.

7. Finalization of various numbers ranges for material master, vendor master and all purchasing and inventory documents.

8. Configuration of release procedure for purchasing document like Purchase requisition and purchase order.

9. Preparation of testing document and internal testing, master data templates for various object like material master, vendor master, excise master, Info-records, source list, purchase order.

10. Preparing the user manual and imparting training to business process owners.

11. Go-live preparation and post go live support.

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