July 29, 2021

SAS Application Server Components

SAS Application Server Components

SAS Online TrainingThe most common components of a SAS Application Server are SAS Workspace Servers, SAS Pooled Workspace Servers, and SAS Stored Process Servers. An application server can also contain SAS/CONNECT servers, SAS OLAP Servers, SAS DATA step batch servers, and SAS Grid Servers.

SAS Workspace Server:

SAS Workspace Servers fulfill client requests for SAS sessions. When these servers are configured as standard workspace servers (without workspace pooling), each client establishes a connection to a single-user server process, uses the server, and then disconnects

SAS Pooled Workspace Server:

SAS Pooled Workspace Servers are workspace servers that use server-side pooling, which is new with SAS 9.2. The SAS object spawner maintains a pool of reusable workspace server processes called a pool, thus avoiding the overhead that is associated with creating a new process for each connection. Workspace server load balancing is built in to server-side pooling.

Pooled workspace servers are intended for use by query and reporting tools such as SAS Web Report Studio and SAS Information Delivery Portal when accessing relational information maps.

SAS Stored Process Servers:

SAS Stored Process Servers fulfill client requests to execute SAS stored processes. A stored process is a SAS program that is stored on a server and can be executed as required by requesting applications.

Stored process servers are configured to be load balanced. By default, the object spawner balances workloads across three stored process server processes.


SAS/CONNECT servers enable clients to execute code on a remote host, or to move data between client and server machines.

SAS OLAP Server:

SAS OLAP Servers provide access to multidimensional data

SAS batch Server:

SAS batch servers are part of the configuration for SAS scheduling. They are metadata objects that store information about an executable that the scheduling server can use to run scheduled tasks.

SAS Grid Server:

A SAS Grid Server is configured if you have the SAS Grid Manager software package. SAS Grid Servers are metadata objects that store information about an executable that the scheduling server can use to start SAS/CONNECT on grid nodes.

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