July 29, 2021
SEO Tips for WordPress Sites

SEO Tips for WordPress Sites

SEO Tips for WordPress Sites

WordPress is a SEO friendly blog site that gives you a number of ways you can structure your post urls. The most effective way to optimize your urls in WordPress is by using the custom permalink structure. Today word press is one of the best blogging and content management systems. Running a website with the help of WordPress is less complicated than starting a website using HTML codes. There are numerous WordPress plug-ins that simply make the process more easy.

1. By make your web site simple:

Make your web page as simple as possible. Web designers tend to forget that the average web reader has a low internet knowledge and is not a professional developer. Web designers will plugin every trick they have to make a website pop, but many people don’t have a computer which supports the newest trends such as HTML5, CSS3 or Jquery, and they are not going to get one, just to view your website.

2. By using proper targeted keywords and keyword density:

Keyword targeting is one of the first few steps every blogger should make. Keywords and key phrases play important roles in the success of a website, so use your keywords in title and image that makes as one of the strongest ways to get listed for a search term.

Similarly, keywords and key phrases should appear at least 3-5 times per 100 words.

3. By creating specific tags in your categorized post:

Categorizing and tagging your blog posts is another SEO tip that wordpress bloggers should always remember. Categories and tags serve as internal links that can help your WordPress blog’s .Every time you write a new blog entry, make sure to add tags in the “Post Tags” field. Each tag should be specific and targeted. It is better to have fewer tags which are keyword rich

4. Have relevant links to Posts:

Linking relevant posts together provides more value to your readers. It also enables them to stay longer in your WordPress blog, which affects bounce rates and other important SEO considerations.

5. By using WordPress SEO plug-ins:

There are a lot of SEO plug-ins designed for WordPress. Some plug-ins includes the All-in-One SEO Pack, SEO Blogroll, Platinum SEO Plug-in and Automatic SEO Links among others.

6. By optimizing your permalinks:

Optimizing permalinks is another tried and tested SEO technique for WordPress blogs. A permalink is a permanent URL for your blogpost. You should change the default structure so that the permalink is filled with pertinent keywords. WordPress allows you to alter the URLs of some of your blog’s pages.

7. Use XML Sitemaps:

XML Sitemaps are key when it comes to SEO. An XML Sitemap is simply just a list of pages on your website. These help search engines skim through your Word Press website better and help to discover your posts. A Sitemap also alerts search engines like Google whenever you post new content on your blog.

8. Integrate social media:

Another valuable SEO tip is to take advantage of social media by putting social media buttons in the tail end of your blog posts. Buttons of popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and other submission directories like Digg and StumbleUpon are free and readily available.

9. Post Different types of content:

Blog posts should not be limited to articles. Try posting videos, podcasts or even pictures in the form of photo essays. Adding pictures to your blog posts is a great way to entice people to read further. Write quality articles. Content is and will always be king in the land of the Internet. SEO and backlinking are important but content always defines the success or failure of a blog.

10. Enable Comments:

Comments engage your readers, help you get more “fresh content” SEO brownie points, and give search engines another reason to come back in the future. Trackbacks are a neat system that allow links to be created in your comments section to anyone who links to your articles. With them enabled, it’s a great way to encourage people to link to you which in turn will help to build your site’s authority.

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