June 12, 2021
SEO tips to Remember for building a Website

SEO tips to Remember for building a Website

SEO tips to Remember for building a Website

A great website design is important for any business to get success online with an important aspect of building a website is to make it accessible to drive traffic for the site. Therefore an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very essential to the process of Website building. The simple tips to remember for building a website are basic SEO principles and good content development practices.

As soon as your website goes live–and especially while you are still in the design and development phase–you need to make sure your site’s content will be found through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing where many people search for information. Good web development practices will enhance the chances in search rankings.

1. Using Flash wisely which has its place on the Web and is a SEO-friendly and knowing how to use flash with efficiency is one of the important aspect for building a powerful web site with effective SEO. Though it is very difficult when compared to using open web languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Flash is the device used for communicating components such as 3D animation and learning activity, games with video and audio.

Flash gaming sites give a perfect example of how Flash can optimize a search. HTML, CSS, and server-side scripting can still be used in enhancing the features, since they are much less complicated to apply.

2. JavaScript is best used for hidden content showing on a web page. It is a powerful application for web robots such as search engines, screen readers. It has to be tested whether the hidden content on a web page is viewable by web crawlers is temporarily disabling. JavaScript and determining if you can read your hidden content. This testing technique is best applied by going to a browser plugin such as Web Developer Toolbar for instructions.

3. Using an XML Sitemap for building a website is another important SEO tip to remember. It is a protocol that helps the search engine crawlers gain contextual meaning about your site’s web page.

4. Always remember the importance of images to SEO web design, since it is easy to forget so name your image file names accurately using a key term. Make sure that you give the alt property of the image similar key terms. All alternative properties of the engine must be appropriately named as well.

This improves the chance of showing up on Google Images when visitors browse the web.

5. Try not to have more hyperlinks from page to page on your site. Avoiding drowning your home page with links is imperative to Search engine Optimization. Remember to use only important links like internal linking–hyperlinks and limit them to 150 pages the maximum.

Deep linking are links that point to internal pages instead of home page that promotes the search of your site by visitors with additional points of conversions.

Since Search engines will only count the first instance of that link, so there is no need to repeat links as it is a poor practice that will confuse your users.

So too many internal links can overcrowd the page and can also slow down your users’ ability to find the link they need.

6. The best SEO tip to remember for building a website would be Blogs which are a great way to update fresh content on your site and targeting long-tailed key terms. A possible idea is to bring snippets of blog posts onto related pages for fresh content on these specific pages.

7. Branding should be very clear and obvious on your website to make  an easy way for people to remember who you are and augments the possibility of people searching for your brand name on search engines. Being searched by your brand’s name also means that you won’t compete with generic words that people often use in searches

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