June 12, 2021

Significance of SAS Certification

Significance of SAS Certification

SAS Online TrainingThe SAS Certified Professional Program was created to recognize SAS software users who can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of SAS software. With a professional certification from SAS you will set yourself apart from the competition by earning the only globally-recognized credential endorsed by SAS.

Hiring a candidate with SAS credentials means getting a qualified professional with proven proficiency in SAS. SAS certifications are among the most globally recognized credentials in the industry. Getting a job as a SAS programmer is not easy one must have certification of SAS.

Choosing the right certification depends on your background, job role and goals. Each certification will require the successful completion of one or more exams and passing the SAS test training is not that simple as it requires proper preparation in the right direction.

SAS offers six globally recognized certifications. Designed in tracks, each certification requires the successful completion of one or more exams to earn a credential.

SAS Institute SAS practice exams are just the beginning. With each exam you will see real SAS practice questions giving you the ultimate SAS Institute SAS preparation available online anywhere. Where else can you find an SAS Institute SAS study pack with so many possibilities.

The SAS Software Certificate Program consists of three tracks designed for individuals who desire a complete grounding in SAS software to perform a variety of analytical and reporting activities.

The three tracks of SAS certification are listed below as:


SAS/Analyst Certificate

SAS/Analyst certificate track is designed to help to gain a complete understanding of how SAS software works and is used. SAS professionals will learn how to perform ad hoc analysis and reporting in standard data environments typically found within most Analyst/Researcher/Programmer positions.

SAS/Expert Certificate

SAS/ Expert certificate track is designed for individuals who wish to gain an understanding of how SAS is used to publish information and reports in different forms, including the web, PDF, Word and other environments. Large data file access is typical within the State. This track also discusses the use of SAS/SQL and the efficiencies available for processing table lookups, merges and joins against large data sources.

SAS/Master Certificate

SAS/Master certificate track discusses how SAS uses a multi-threading and multi-processor environment to more efficiently process data. Macros are discussed to show how program processes can be automated, simplified and placed into production style environments for standard reporting.

Database and spreadsheet access that is typical in most environments will be covered. Efficient processing in a client server environment that uses SAS under Windows, UNIX and MVS will be taught to show students how to best implement a distributed processing and data environment.

Participants who have successfully completed the program will receive a Certificate of Completion of SAS program.

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