July 27, 2021
Simple Kitchen Secrets kitchen tips

Simple Kitchen Secrets

Simple Kitchen Secrets

To get rid of Fruit stains on your Fingers, rub them with a fresh peeled Potato or White Vinegar.

Avoid putting Citrus Fruits or Tomatoes in the Fridge. The low temperature takes away the aroma and flavor of these Fruits.

When cooking if you over Salt a pot of Soup, just drop in a peeled Potato. The Potato will absorb the excess salt.

If your loaf of Bread is starting to go Stale, just put a piece of fresh Celery in the pack and close it back up.

For Burnt Rice place a piece of White Bread on the top of rice for 10 to 15 minutes to draw out the burnt flavor.

When making a Soup, Sauce or Casserole that ends up too fatty or greasy. Just drop in a Ice cube, the Ice will attract the fat which you can then scoop out.

If you have left over Wine Freeze it in the Ice trays for easy addition to the soup or sauces in the future.

After boiling Potatoes or Pasta, cool water and use it for Plants as the water contains Nutrients.

If you aren’t sure how fresh your Eggs are, place them in about 10 cms of Water. Eggs that stay at the bottom are fresh, if one end tip up the Egg is less fresh.

Follow these Simple Kitchen Secrets and be happy.