July 27, 2021
Summer Healthy Foods For Kids summer super fruits

Summer Healthy Foods For Kids

Summer Healthy Foods For Kids

Generally children are active and energetic, often spending more energy that what they take in. A healthy food is essential for your kids during hot summer days. Here are some of the summer healthy foods for kids.

Watermelon is the best cooling and juicy fruit for summer. Watermelon contains 92% of water which keeps your kid hydrated and flush out toxins from the body.

Cucumber is the best summer food for your kids. It helps to keep the body cool and the fiber content in it releives constipation.

Mint Leaves
Mint leaves are the perfect antidote to the sun outside. Mint leaves reduces the gastric acids and settles the tummy of your kids.

Raw onions have amazing cooling properties and are the best summer cooling food for your kid. If your child doesnt like raw onions, give in them in the form of chutney or parathas.

Coconut Water
Coconut water is rich in potassium and the electrolytes which keeps the body hydrated and cool during summer. Almost all the kids like to have coconut water.

Lemon Juice
Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C, which builds immunity. It also aids in digestion and cleanse the body. Kids love its tangy flavor.

Yogurt or curd is the best for scorching heat. It keeps the body cool and the probiotics aids in digestion. Buttermilk or lassi is also good option for your kids.

Tomatoes are good for your kids during summer. Tomatoes acts as natural sunscreen and they prevent skin pigmentation and tanning. They can be served as juice or salad or as snack.

So friends these are the best foods to give your kids during summer.