July 27, 2021
Super Foods For Diabetes diabetes.

Super Foods For Diabetes

Super Foods For Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition where your blood sugar or glucose levels are higher than normal range. The carbohydrate foods may raise the blood sugar levels.

A healthy is essential for a healthy body.You have to choose the foods that are low in carbs and the foods which keeps your diabetes or blood sugar levels in check.

Include the foods like whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein, etc., in your regular diet as these power foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

Leafy Greens
Leafy greens like spinach, kale and chard are low in carbs and rich in nutrients. They reduced the risk of type 2 diabetes. Several studies reveal that green leafy vegetables reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

Broccoli is a nutricious cruciferous vegetable. It is high in glucosinolates sulfur compounds. Some studies found that broccoli helps to lower insulin levels and protect cells from harmful free radicals produced during metabolism and control diabetes.

Bitter Gourd
Bitter gourd contains anti-diabetic properties and Charantin – a phytonutrient, vicine and polypeptide-p (insulin like compound). These work together or individually to reduce blood sugar levels.

Garlic reduces the blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes people. Garlic reduce blood sugar levels and provide a range of benefits for diabetics in conjunction with their usual treatments of insulin and diet.

Beans are rich in fiber and are a great food for diabetic patients. The sulfur in it slows down the release of sugar and help to detoxify the liver. A study found that consuming beans daily controls the blood sugar levels.

Apples protect against diabetes. According to a study, people who ate 5 or more apples a week had a 23% lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Though apples contain high carbs, they are also rich in fiber which stabilize the blood sugar levels.

According to several studies cinnamon can lower the blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity. Consuming ½ teaspoon of cinnamon daily, can make cells more sensitive to insulin and the cells convert blood sugar to energy.

Nuts can improve blood sugar control in type 2 diabetes. Researchers found that a regular consumption of mixed nuts reduce the blood sugar levels, inflammation, HbA1c and LDL cholesterol.

Oats are rich in fiber and glycemic index, which helps to regulate blood sugar levels. The soluble fiber, slows the absorption of glucose from food in the stomach and keepsblood-sugar levels under control.

Flax Seeds
Flax seeds has a low glycemic which stabilize blood sugar levels and prevent the blood sugar spikes. A tablespoon of ground flax seeds for a month, improvew fasting blood sugars, triglycerides, cholesterol, and hemoglobin A1c levels in diabetics.

Green Tea
Green tea controls the diabetes and improves insulin sensitivity. Consuming green tea decreases the fasting glucose levels and A1C levels, as well as reduces the fasting insulin levels, which are a measurement of diabetes health.

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate improves insulin sensitivity, and prevents or manages type 2 diabetes. Dark chocolate is rich in polyphenols, which increase the insulin sensitivity and delay or manage type 2 diabetes.