June 12, 2021
The Best Foods High in Zinc zinc rich foods

The Best Foods High in Zinc

The Best Foods High in Zinc

All Vitamins and minerals are very important in maintaining good health. But Zinc is the mineral that often missed my most of the people our attention is zinc. Zinc is useful for immunity, formation of DNA, the sense of smell, vision, taste, hair and skin.

Zinc improves testosterone production in men and lessen PMS symptoms in women. The deficiency of zinc mineral can lead to loss of appetite, diarrhea, weak immunity, impotency, stunted growth, hair loss, eye and skin problems. So here are top zinc rich foods to incorporate in your diet.

Wheat Germ
Wheat germ is a great source of zinc. It provides 17 mg of zinc from 100 gram of wheat germ, equivalent to about 111% of the daily recommended value. You can use Crude or untoasted or toasted wheat germ.

Spinach also has a good source of Zinc mineral. 100 grams of spinach gives 0.8mg of zinc and a cup of cooked spinach gives about 1.4mg of zinc. So try to incorporate spinach in your diet for getting more zinc.

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of Zinc. They help in maintaining a healthy immune system & prevent prostate cancer. We get 10.3 mg of zinc from 100 gram of pumpkin seeds, 69% of daily value. Eat raw as roasting them can deplete the zinc content.

Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate is also rich in zinc mineral. We get 6.8mg of zinc in 100 grams of serving, 45% of daily recommended value. Intaking a dark chocolate occassionally is the best way to improve zinc intake.

Nuts like cashews, almonds, pine nuts, pecans and walnuts are the good sources of Zinc. 100 grams of roasted cashews contain about 5.6mg of zinc, 37% percent daily required value.

Mushrooms of any variety are a good source of zinc. A cup of cooked white mushrooms provide 1.4mg of zinc, 9% percent of daily recommended value. Four Dried Shitake mushrooms contain 8% of daily recommended value and raw 4 shitake contain 4%.