June 12, 2021

Things to Avoid When Designing a Website

Things to Avoid When Designing a Website

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Today every business has its own website. Whether it deals with consumer products, services or any other industry, web presence is now mandatory for a successful business. A website that is cluttered and unorganized is a good way to drive away visitors. Someone viewing your site should be able to find your content easily, without having to stray too far from your main page. Getting users to visit your website is hard enough, but it’s not the only key to a successful website. Once an user visits to your site, it’s your job to keep them there.

Designing a website that produces results takes a lot more than just a good looking site. It is the combination of visual appeal and all the things going on behind the scene that make the difference between success and failure.

Here are some things you should take into consideration in the design of your website to make sure that your visitor has the optimal visitor experience and stays on your site to see what you have to offer.

  1. Don’t have too many banners, ads or unnecessary images on your site. It is much easier to read content when there is plenty of white space around the text. Using too many graphics or ads can mean too many interruptions in the content and will be very confusing for your visitor.
  2. Try to reduce usage of flash because it increases the loading time of your website and you may lose some visitors because of that. Some people just don’t like to see something that says “Click here to Proceed” or where they will wait for 20 seconds because of your flash intro. Most of the flash websites failed when it comes to SEO.
  3. A very important thing to consider when desinging a website is choose colors that will make your content readable. This is very basic when it comes to designing a website but still some people make this mistake.
  4. The first thing a visitor sees when they land on your page, is the header at the top. As a whole the first impression is best impression so you want your visitor to take you seriously when they see your header. The header graphic could be the make or break in the decision whether they want to stay and hear what you have to say or not.
  5. Generally people hate sites that open a new window every time they click a particular link. It wastes a lot of time and the user may not notice that a new window has been opened which will complicate the navigation.
  6. Avoid using large images, tons of images, unnecessary animations, flash, plug-ins and others time consuming content that can cause the slow download time of a page.
  7. Popup windows are mainly considered as spam in these days and also they are just annoying and most modern browsers now come with popup blockers.
  8. Avoid using long and complicated URLs since it makes it more difficult for the users to remember when he wants to revisit the site.  Use simple and short URL that is easier to remember.
  9. Attention is one the most valuable currencies on the Internet. If a visitor can not figure what your site is about in a couple of seconds, he will probably just go somewhere else. Your site must communicate why he should spend his time there, and fast.
  10. There are some fonts that will give a stylish look to your website. But are they readable? If your main objective is to deliver a message and get the visitors reading your stuff, then you should make the process comfortable for them.

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