July 29, 2021
Tips for Summer Home Care

Tips for Summer Home Care

Tips for Summer Home Care

Tips for Summer Home Care

Summer is the season with extreme heat and longest day in a year. You can make your home cool for this summer and maintain your home foreseeing monsoon. Summer is good time for maintenance of electrical appliances and wirings.

1. In summer room temperature rises and utility bills also increase when you are cooling your home with appliances like cooler, fan and Air conditioner. The heat of a room rise mainly due to use of electronic devices and lightings. You can make your control room temperature and make home cool in this summer. Here are some tips for you to make your home cool.

2. Limit the usage of appliance that generates heat.

3. Try to keep your house green. Make sure to keep it watered and fertilized.

4. During summer, the days are hot and night are cool. So try to utilize this for cooling your home. Close the window where your room get direct sunlight and keep the windows open from evening to dawn. Keep blinds and draperies closed. This helps to keep your room cool and blow out hot air from your room.

5. Inspect your home inside and out and touch up any paint where necessary.  This can be done quickly and easily, and will prevent future peeling.

6. Summer season raises room temperature due to use of home appliances and lighting. For lighting use compact fluorescent lamp, they provide brighter light and less heat in room. It consumes less energy. Turn off lights in days and use natural lights which indirectly enter your home.

7. Cooking generates heat and raises your room temperature. Avoid cooking when the temperature is hot. If you need to cook, use your range fan to vent the hot air out. It is better to cook food in night or in early morning.

8. Use your air conditioner wisely and try to minimize the use of air condition. Remember to shade your air conditioner from direct sunlight. Turn off your air conditioner when you leave the room. It is better to use air conditioner for controlling room temperature than using them to cool.

9. Summer is best time for renovation works and repair equipments. It is better to plan now to overcome leakage or wiring problem than repairing them in monsoon. Here are some tips for maintaining your home in this summer.

10. Summer days are best for repairing cracks or else it will become a major problem in monsoon when water enters the crack and cause more cracking.