June 12, 2021
Tips for using keywords to optimize your website for Search Engines

Tips for using keywords to optimize your website for Search Engines

Tips for using keywords to optimize your website for Search Engines

You have designed a beautiful web site and published it for the world to see and visit. You wait patiently, however there is either a trickle or no visitors at all and therefore no sales. First of all, remember that it is people who are typing in, that are right ‘keywords’ into search engines to find information on a specific topic. A keyword or phrase is nothing more than a category term that briefly describes your content using single words or a two word phrase. Keywords help make searching for content more effective.

It’s important that you choose and use your keywords effectively by making sure that you use them exactly and sprinkle them naturally throughout your page. Not knowing how to use keywords can lead to poor search engine raking. Here are a few simple tips to consider.

Use Keywords in URL : As you can read, keywords are very important for your better search engine results page positions and may increase your site traffic rapidly

Consider the keyword phrase ‘best pet shops in India’. You have the option of constructing the file name of your url in three ways :

  1. seotipstobeginner.html
  2. seo_tips_to_beginner.html
  3. seo-tips-to-beginner.html

The first type is a combined url.. This may sometimes confuse search engines and this is a bad way of constructing a url. Probably, a Google search for ‘seotipstobeginner’ would favor this page but generally user won’t type the phrase with out spacebar.

In the second type, the underscored url, the words look good for a human eye but the search engines may completely ignore the underscores. So this way is also not good for as per the search engines. The third is the best one. Always use hyphens to separate keywords in the url.

Use Keywords in Title Tag : Title Tags appears at the top of the browser. It is always better to use keywords in starting when it comes to Title Tags. Title Tag helps search engines and visitors to know what the page is all about. It provides the vital information to search engines and thus beneficial to get good search engine rank.

Keywords in Body Content : Most probably all the website owners knows the importance of having keywords in their website content but remember that you should not stuff relevant keywords and take care about the density of keywords in body content of your content. Having keyword density from 3% – 5% is said to be good for SEO. Hidden keywords and irrelevant keywords might ban your website from search engine.

Keywords in the Meta Tag : Do not stuff keywords into the page meta tags. Choose about 5-10 words to use as keywords. After about five keywords there is a diminishing return because too many keywords becomes less focused and indistinct. Do not repeat words as doing so looks like you are trying to spam the search engines. Use keywords that are from the body of your content.

Use Keywords as ALT for Image : Whenever you place an image in your page, you should be able to give that image an “alt image” tag.  Think of an image title that will make sense to someone viewing the page when there are not pictures showing.