June 12, 2021

Tips for Web designing Trends

Tips for Web designing Trends

Webdesigning training institute in HyderabadThese days, the average internet user requires more so with a rapid advancement of technologies and opportunities there are many changes in web design. Nowadays web design is turning back to the roots while websites where animated and flashy some years ago.

A decade ago, most Website Design were text oriented and having a flash web site was considered trendy. Marketing these websites were all the more difficult. Hence the small business owners and individuals were not so keen on getting a website done, which in turn made it more difficult for the web designers to get business.

Trends in web design start out as small important shifts in particular areas in the design process. These trends are good as it keep designers on their toes to give their clients and future clients better service and options.

But trends are a necessity in the development and growth of our craft. Trends are born, improved upon, and often spawn other trends. So as a web designer, when you apply trends to your projects, challenge yourself to expand upon them and make them your own.

Major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN have given a new platform to the website designers and owners to present themselves to the wide world in the most convenient fashion. Simple yet powerful tools are available to the users.

However the basic principles of a website design remains the same. Any Website Design should be user friendly and should have the ability to keep a visitor to remain hooked to the site for as long as required. 50% of the website design issues continue to persist in one form or the other.

Some of the following tips are helpful to understand the trends in Webdesign:

1. Responsive web design offers us the solution to designing for all screen sizes. Responsive web design is brilliant and the results are more than satisfying. Grid systems are also partially involved in responsive web design.

2. Only few small links need to be provided if the website lacks main navigation. So keeping these links visible to all the users can improve the performance of the website dramatically and can easily merge with the page layout. In order to make the navigation system easy to work, the panel of the web content should be set in a slideshow style. This provides easy display and improves resolution of the screen. This navigation system is user-friendly and works good in mobile browsers too. During redesigning in 2012, you can consider this method for its benefits.

3. Big Headers and Logos is a trend to incorporate in website which make more memorable for visitors.  A splash screen or page is so “yesterday” that more often than not, a hardcore internet user never stays long enough to get to the main page when a splash screen appears. Over sized headers and logos are trending.  Instead of clicking to get to the main page, a user just has to scroll down to view the main page.

4. Typography is the art and the technique of arranging typeface (different fonts), arranging type, modifying glyphs and type designs.  Web designers are intimidated by the use of different fonts with varying sizes and boldness.

5. Simple intuitive interfaces can move the users from point A to point B quickly.

6. Type kit is a font library which provides free trial for any web designers. Using this, you can embed javascript with customized CSS styles

7. You can design circles and shapes without the need for any images. The impact of these features has caused designers to look at photos in another light entirely. These archetypes can be setup as navigation links, footer icons, or even displaying important portfolio.

8. Over sized footers are cute and will contain more personal information than most regular websites. This footer will most likely include social media sites, feed updates, tweets and subscription feeds. Do not combine oversized headers with oversized footers.

9. Limit your palette to two or three colors. Work within the shades of each color for variety. It can be truly remarkable what a few colors can do for your message.

10. Depth perception is about creating dimension in your web design, so that parts of your site looks nearer than others. Although 3D technology has no yet made it to web design, you can still replicate depth in your design.

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