June 12, 2021
Tips to make Android fast

Tips to make Android fast

Tips to make Android fast

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Android users mostly frustrated by the lack of memory on Android device, or by its slowness, or short battery life. The following tips may help for Android Users.

1.      Disable wifi and Bluetooth

  • Install the free WiFi OnOff widget. After installing from the Android Market, do a long press on your home screen, select “Widgets” then “WiFi OnOff”. Try to enable wifi only when you actually need it. To make sure you don’t forget to disable wifi when there is no wifi signal, install wifi status. You do not have to run this app, it works as soon as it is installed. Disable bluetooth also when you are not using it. Try to disable GPS also but this is much less important since the battery is drained only when an application such as Google Maps effectively uses the GPS.

2.      Disable sync

  • Open Calendar, select Menu->More->My calendars->Menu->Remove calendars. Select all calendars except your own and click OK. This can save a lot of memory, but also makes syncing much faster. Do not just disable the other calendars, but must and should you have to remove them.

3.      Sync only your inbox

  • Do not use the GMail app on android because it’s not manageable when receiving several hundred messages per day. But if you do use the GMail app, sync only your inbox, not all your labels. Open the GMail app, select Menu->Settings->Labels. Sync the minimum number of days and of labels.

4.      Disable the on-screen keyboard

  • Disable the on-screen keyboard in Settings->Locale & text->Android keyboard. This makes the phone much more responsive.

5.      Reduce screen brightness

  • Install the free Brightness Level widget.

6.      Kill unused processes

  • Install TasKiller and kill the processes you do not need. Android kills processes automatically when RAM becomes low but this is generally too late, the phone is already slow.

7.      Reboot

  • If you run out of memory or your phone gets very unresponsive, try rebooting.

8.      Cleanup /data/dalvik-cache

  • If you run out of memory, try first to remove everything in /data/dalvik-cache then reboot immediately. The necessary .dex files will be recreated automatically.

9.      Delete old system apps

  • If you have already upgraded Google Maps from the Market, you can delete /system/app/Maps.apk and /data/dalvik-cache/system@app@Maps.apk@classes.dex since the new version uses different file names. You must remount /system rw as shown below to be able to delete stuff from /system/app. Be very careful when modifying /system, you can break your phone. Don’t forget to remount it ro afterwards.

10.  Silencing a Call

  • Most users figure out they can get rid of a phone call by sliding the red arrow that appears onscreen when the phone is ringing. But not everyone realizes you can stop the phone from ringing by pressing the power button on top of the phone or either of the volume buttons on the right.

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