June 12, 2021

Tips to remember before testing any application

Tips to remember before testing any application

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All the testers should read these software testing tips. Read all points carefully and try to implement them in your day-to-day testing activities. After all you will learn all these testing practices by experience. But then why not to learn all these things before making any mistake.

Here are some of the best testing practices :

  • Learn to analyze your test results thoroughly. Do not ignore the test result. The final test result may be pass or fail but troubleshooting the root cause of fail will lead you to the solution of the problem. Testers will be respected if they not only log the bugs but also provide solutions.
  • Learn to maximize the test coverage every time you test any application. Though 100 percent test coverage might not be possible still you can always try to reach near it.
  • To ensure maximum test coverage break your application under test (AUT) into smaller functional modules. Write test cases on such individual unit modules. Also if possible break these modules into smaller parts.
  • While writing test cases, write test cases for intended functionality first i.e. for valid conditions according to requirements. Then write test cases for invalid conditions. This will cover expected as well unexpected behavior of application under test.
  • Start testing the application by intend of finding bugs/errors. Don’t think beforehand that there will not be any bugs in the application. If you test the application by intention of finding bugs you will definitely succeed to find those subtle bugs also.
  • Write your test cases in requirement analysis and design phase itself. This way you can ensure all the requirements are testable.
  • Make your test cases available to developers prior to coding. Don’t keep your test cases with you waiting to get final application release for testing, thinking that you can log more bugs. Let developers analyze your test cases thoroughly to develop quality application. This will also save the re-work time.
  • If possible identify and group your test cases for regression testing. This will ensure quick and effective manual regression testing.
  • Applications requiring critical response time should be thoroughly tested for performance. Performance testing is the critical part of many applications. In manual testing this is mostly ignored part by testers due to lack of required performance testing large data volume. Find out ways to test your application for performance. If not possible to create test data manually then write some basic scripts to create test data for performance test or ask developers to write one for you.
  • Go beyond requirement testing. Test application for what it is not supposed to do.
  • While doing regression testing use previous bug graph. This module wise bug graph can be useful to predict the most probable bug part of the application.

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