August 5, 2021
Tips to Remember when buying an Android

Tips to Remember when buying an Android

Tips to Remember when buying an Android

Buying Android mobile is not as simple as we think. There are many choices of android mobile phone in the market. If we do not have enough information we cannot choose which the best is. We will feel regret if we buy the one that is not the best one among the others. From the several of android mobile phones, there must be one or two that will suit us most. Those will be ours choice. It is necessary to choose the suit one. Android smart phone is not a cheap phone. It is a latest technology therefore the price is still high. We will not waste our money just to buy wrong android phone. There are some tips we can use is we want to buy android mobile phone.

The first thing to consider if we want to buy android mobile phone is its vendor. It is important to trust the big company like Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and HTC. There are many local companies that produce android mobile phone either but the quality is questioned or yet proven. The big companies will not risk their reputation by producing bad or useless mobile phone. The products of these big companies have quite quality. They have been trusted about the quality of the products they make. Do not get easily trap by the offers from local unknown companies. Usually they will sell the products with lower price. The quality does the same.

The other things we should consider before we buy android mobile phone are the features. Android is famous because its features. So it is necessary to compare the features one phone to another. The software installed and the hardware on the Android smart phone is also need to take in to account if we want to buy android mobile phone.

In brief, it is necessary to consider several things before we buy android mobile phone. The first one is its vendor or companies, the second is its features the third is the software and hardware. If we have considered it, it means we ready to buy android mobile phone.

Manufacturer :

Almost every smart phone manufacturer except Apple is pumping out Androids these days. It’s not the manufacturer that matters it’s the Android series. Great manufacturers can release some horrible phones. For example, the Motorola Droid series is excellent, but the Cliq series, also by Motorola, pales in comparison. Don’t pick an Android based on the manufacturer.

Battery Life:

Android Phones are often criticized for low battery life in comparison to their dumb phone counterparts and it won’t be long before you realize that you have a phone that’s obsessed with the charger it comes with.

Display :

Screen size matters, but it’s all based on personal preference. If you want a smaller handset, you need a smaller display. So look for an Android in the 3-inch range. If you want to watch movies on your handset, go for something in the 4-inch or higher range.

Technical Tips :

Choose the technical specification carefully, again, based on your need. Consider whether it’s the large screen but power hungry or dim small screen that you want.

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