June 16, 2021

Tips to Success in Automation Testing

Tips to Success in Automation Testing


Automation Testing is very widely used by companies due to the many benefits it offers. From better test path coverage to repetitive and exhaustive testing, it overcomes human errors that are caused by tiredness or negligence. But along with so many advantages, it also poses many problems. You have an automation solution for almost every situation. The automation test engineer is responsible for developing the automated scripts. These scripts may be captured via the tool or hand coded in the tool’s unique language. It is also the automation test engineer’s responsibility to ensure that the scripts are complete and executable. If the organization requires test script reusability, the automation test engineer will be responsible for their maintenance.

Here some of the tips to ensure Test Automation success :

  1. Improve the Testing Process
  • Improve test automation documentation
    • Explicit test approach (names, data, test design, expected result)
    • Get more computers
    • Improve the product for easier testing
    • Improve the product install program
    • Add error scanner to the product
    • Identify and report slow functionality as a defect
  1. Define Requirements
  • Different parties have different automation goals.
  • Come to agreement on what will count as success.
  • Focus on getting biggest payback, not trying automate every part of tests.
  1. Prove the Concept
  • Prove the feasibility of test automation as early as possible;
  • A quick, meaningful test suites;
  • Also an excellent way to evaluate tools
  • Candidates for proof of concept:
    • Regression testing
    • Configuration tests
    • Test bed setup
    • Non-GUI testing
  1. Champion Product Testability
  • Asking early for testability as a product requirement;
  • Getting testability features designed right into the product;
  • Encouraging to include CLI or API;
  • GUI test automation is more difficult,
  • Expensive and undependable;
  • API and CLI are easier and cheaper;
  1. Design for Sustainability
  • Focus on design of long term sustainability
    • Test automation efforts are prone to being dropped.
    • Reviewability
    • Maintainability
    • Integrity
    • Independence
    • Repeatability
  • Characteristics of a sustainable test suite
  1. Plan for Deployment
  2. Face the challenges success
  • Package the automated tests for others to use;
  •  Test your test suite;
  • Get others to use your test suite as soon as it’s ready;
  • Make your test suite widely available to the entire product team.
  • Testers are lack of automated testing skill;
  • Improvement of test suite over time;
  • Timing for when test automation should be done

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