June 12, 2021

Uses of Java Virtual Machine

Uses of Java Virtual Machine


A Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is the software, which interprets compiled Java byte code and runs the java program. Java Virtual Machine language conceptually represents the instruction set of a stack-oriented, capability architecture. JAVA is a high level object oriented language, which is compiled through JAVA code.

It first converted into highly efficient byte code by the java compiler and the generated byte code is then interpreted by a JVM. As Java is a platform independent language, JVM is available for almost all the platforms. It is for both windows to various handheld devices.

Java bytecode runs on any platform where there is a Java runtime environment available. The code doesn’t need to be recompiled. Of course you can write operating system specific code in Java, but Java’s standard library and the many free libraries available on the web, provide a very rich cross platform environment.

Besides portability, running on a virtual machine has other advantages. Java uses a JIT compiler to compile Java bytecode to native machine code at runtime. The JIT compiler can do sophisticated optimizations for the specific CPU that the program is running on and it can use profiling information that wouldn’t be available to an ahead of time compiler in principle, a JIT compiler can therefore produce more optimal code than a “normal” compiler. The main advantage of Java Virtual Machine is the library portability. Libraries might have version dependencies between themselves, but, other than that, a JAR just works.

Let’s know how Java Virtual Machine works:

Java Virtual Machine does not have any information regarding the programming languages. JVM knows only binary byte code format. Programmer can generate the bytecode that adheres to this format in any of the programming languages. Every java program runs within the boundaries defined by the Java Virtual Machine. The code of java runs inside the JVM cannot go beyond the security constraints defined by Java Virtual Machine. Java applications are considered as secure applications on internet due to this software.

Java Virtual Machine languages support:

Java Virtual Machine (JVM) was primarily aimed at running compiled Java programs. However, later on other languages can now run on top of it as like Python with Jython, Common Lisp with Armed Bear Common Lisp, Ruby with JRuby, JavaScript with Rhino, Groovy, Scala and Forth, with Misty Beach Forth.The JVM is a crucial component of the Java Platform.

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