July 27, 2021

Web Services Testing Interview question and Answers

Web Services Testing Interview question and Answers

Testing Tools Online Training1. What is a Web service?

A. A Web service is any piece of software that makes itself available over the Internet and uses a standardized XML messaging system. XML is used to encode all communications to a Web service.

2. What are the typical problems in web testing?

1: server problems (ie server down or under maintance)

2: Hardware problem

3: Database problem

3. How do you start Testing an Web Application?

A. First Do The GUI testing after finishing that we can go for Functionality Testing

4. What is new about Web services?

A. XML.XML lies at the core of Web services, and provides a common language for describing Remote Procedure Calls, Web services, and Web service directories. Prior to XML, one could share data among different applications, but XML makes this so much easier to do

5. What is Usability testing in web testing?

A. Usability testing is a technique used in user-centered interaction design to evaluate a product by testing it on users.

6. What are test case formats widely use in web based testing?

A. Regarding test cases, there is no difference between web based or client server based.  Excel sheets are the best option for test cases (if you are not using any tool). However if you want to use any screen shot, you can use MS-WORD, where you can create a template (in the form of table). The table fields can be taken from excel format and in addition, you can use screenshot in one of the table cells.

7. How to Calculate Session Time Out in Web Testing?

A. Do testing as follows:-

Login into the application and put the application in the idle state for the time equal to the session time out time and verify that the application will remain or not after the time out period.

If the session time out set, the application will shown a message as the page got expired after that time out period if it kept idle for that duration.

8. What are the important test scenarios for testing a web site?

A. As a Tester you should test GUI of the website, test whether the page layout and design elements are consistent through out the site, whether all the links provided in the website are working properly, what are the expected loads on the server? Performance of the website (check for webserver response time and database query time) under heavy loads.

9. What is penetration testing?

A. Security/penetration testing is testing how well the system is protected against unauthorized internal or external access, or willful damage. This type of testing usually requires sophisticated testing techniques.

10. What is penetration test?

A.  Penetration test will test the network for thousands of known vulnerabilities and provide a detailed report of any vulnerabilities that are found. The tests are conducted remotely over the Internet and do not require physical assess to your premises nor do they require access to any privileged information such as usernames or passwords.

11. What is Website Testing Tool?

A. Loadrunner and Jmeter.

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