July 29, 2021

What is an Oracle Database Client

What is an Oracle Database Client

Oracles DBA Online TrainingOracle’s database software allows an organization to organize its data into a relational database on a central server. This allows users at client computers to easily retrieve specific information analyze raw data and generate reports.

An Oracle database client is part of the Oracle relational database management system. This system uses the concept that a computer can process data by searching or querying for information stored in the database’s many tables.

Client/Server Computing:

A server is a computer that hosts software which users can access through their client computers. The server and its clients are connected through a network, which allows users on client machines to use the services provided by the server.

Relational Database:

A relational database organizes data into normalized tables, which are individual tables that don’t contain data redundancies and that have a primary key, which is a unique identifier for each row of data in the table. A relational database can combine data from multiple tables by joining tables that share the same primary key through a query language, such as SQL.

The Oracle Database Client:

Users can access the Oracle database through their client computers and submit requests for information, which the Oracle server will respond to. At a bank that uses Oracle database software, a teller could submit a query from her computer, the Oracle database client, to the Oracle server to retrieve a customer’s account information.

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