July 29, 2021
What is Android Technology

What is Android Technology

What is Android Technology

Most of the android developers have good experience in mobile applications and this has greatly contributed to their success.

Android technology is great for multitasking and running more than one application at once something most smart phones are not capable of doing. The platform has the capability to allow you to talk, text, surf and run an application all at once moving back and forth on a task menu similar to a PC. An Android technology cell phone is like having a pocket computer with all of the same functions.

Though Android technology is increasingly being used on a range of devices, the most common hardware to use this platform is mobile phones. A large community of developers regularly write applications (apps), including games, social networking, and business modules, for Android smart phones.

Android technology is based on Java® software applications. This technology requires the use of a special software development kit (SDK) to create applications for an Android device. The SDK is freely available for download from the Internet. For this reason, and because it will work on multiple operating systems, many software developers prefer Android technology over that used in other smart phones.

There are a wide range of free Android apps, including games and productivity titles, and paid apps are even more common. Android technology — which is used by thousands of developers because it is freely available for download — has given software developers the opportunity to sell their creations to a wide group of consumers.

One of the key differences between Android technology and other smart phone systems is that it is open for modification. This gives vendors the opportunity to change and enhance their products based on their own preferences.

The power of Android technology lies at the applications designed for the mobile operating system. The open source allows anyone to develop meaning the opportunities are endless and the Android Marketplace is place for thousands of apps available for download.

Application for Android technology can do almost anything; connect, share, locate and inform with any app. Android technology supports almost everything from Java to 3D graphics. A full browser gives you the ability to surf the web as if on a PC and stream most media formats live.

Android technology is in its early stages, but the developments are promising and quite ingenious.

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