July 29, 2021

What is Cognos Go Mobile

What is Cognos Go Mobile

IBM Cognos 10 Go Mobile is a new business intelligence (BI) solution for executives and mobile workers who need immediate access and interaction with timely, personalized, and secure BI information on their mobile device.

This innovative solution is the latest addition to the IBM Cognos Go! family of consumer modes that enable users to easily view and interact with highly relevant BI information using the application or device most convenient to them, including Web portals, search interfaces, Microsoft Office, or mobile devices. This enables users to make informed business decisions anytime, anywhere.

Cognos, an IBM company, has created IBM Cognos 10 Go! Mobile to fit the needs of mobile workers across the organization salespeople who need customer and pipeline details, operations personnel who need supply chain information, executives who must have information from every part of the business. It extends their reach by delivering the right information at the right time.

Overcoming limitations

Traditionally, information has been delivered to mobile workers through desktop formats such as Microsoft Excel, PDF’s, and HTML. Unfortunately, these tools offer limited practicality for mobile BI as they have not been optimized to provide the required interactive experience. Excel is difficult to scroll, PDFs offer limited interactivity, and HTML can be slow or completely unusable when out of network coverage.

The Cognos solution

IBM Cognos 10 Go! Mobile overcomes these limitations by delivering a rich mobile client interface designed for business intelligence. It allows executives, leaders, and mobile workers to use their handheld devices to read and interact with IBM Cognos 10 BI reports, dashboards, metrics, and other information.

Product features

With IBM Cognos 8 Go! Mobile, organizations can put BI into the hands of the people who need it. The dedicated client interface delivers:

  • A Single Authoring Environment
  • A Rich Mobile Client
  • Theft and Loss Protection
  • Disconnected and Offline Use
  • Optimized Interactive Experience
  • Efficient Data Compression

Benefits for IT

  • Simple : In order for new functionality to be adopted, it must be simple for users, and easy for IT to deploy and maintain. For users, IBM Cognos 8 Go! Mobile provides a familiar interface for BI, and navigation tailored to the mobile device.
  • Complete : A complete business intelligence solution must provide a full spectrum of capabilities and consumer modes to serve all users.

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